Well how do you even start after a game like yesterday? 

I mean wow, if ever you wanted an emphatic way to say ‘chill Gooners, we got this’, the present Arsenal team delivered yesterday. And them some. 

I’ve got to tell you, I was mighty impressed. I was mighty impressed because I thought yesterday’s game would be a scary day in which Arsenal didn’t quite manage to put daylight between us and some of our opponents. After all, we’ve shown in many games over the years that we’ve been able to implode when the going gets tough over the years, so why wouldn’t we have the same shakiness to do it against a Liverpool team who were desperate to pick up three points to try to resurrect their flagging Champions League qualification campaign? 

So it was with much apprehension that I sat to my table in the fancy pub near the home of Churchill (I’d given up my ticket because this weekend is one spent with The Management’s family) to watch what could have been a very eggy faced Arsenal performance against a desperate Liverpool side.

I need to have more faith in the team I support. The first ten minutes helped. All over them, we were, and after ten minutes and a gilt-edged Rambo chance I turned to The Management to proclaim (I’m told with an expletive in tow) that we should have taken our chances. I did indeed fear we’d be punished on the counter and lets be honest, had Markovic been able to square pass the ball properly to Sterling, we might be recounting a different script this Easter Sunday. As it was we got away with it and it was long before the dominance shone through.

Can I just point out, in case you didn’t already know or assume, that I frigging love goals in quick succession? The pro-Liverpool (although I have half a mind to accept my iPhone auto prompt, calling it ‘Loverpool’, as if it knew of of media bias) media were reeling as the third goal went in, but I still remember vividly the three goals Fowler scored in quick succession against us in the 90s, so in no way to I feel like vengence was anything else other than served. So the fact we got three in eight minutes is not lost – nor under appreciated – by this here Arsenal blogger. I may not have been in the stadium, but I felt it as if I was slap bang in the middle of blog five I can tell you.

What a game though. And what a performance from some players. MESUT Özil, for example, took two fingers and planted them firmly inside Neil Ashton’s nasal cavities. He was super throughout. He dictated the play, orchestrated the proceedings, as well as scoring a goal that said “guess what bro? I’m putting the ball right there. And guess what? There ain’t a thing you can do about it”. He was awesome. In a big game. In which the media will have been present and hopefully saying: “turns out he ain’t that bad, eh?”

Has anyone let Neil know. We probably should. Y’know, professional dignity, or something. 

Mind you, professional dignity wouldn’t have played a part when Bellerin danced through the back line to curl one in, did it, so why should it could with ill-informed journos?

What a performance from them all. Even Ospina made a couple of sound saves. There was no player that didn’t play there part yesterday and the net effect is that we find ourselves nine points of Liverpool, second in the league, as well as riding high on a series of victories in which the only down side is that regrets are emerging that we didn’t kick of properly in the first half of the season. Wins against the Spuds and Hull alone would have given us the four points which separate us from chelski and although they still would have had two in hand, at least we’d be breathing down their neck.

But hey-hp, let’s not be too picky, because at least we’re in pole position for Champions League Football. Who’d have thunk we’d be where we are in October last year, after suffering yet anoth points and injury setback and looking so far away from the Champions League, that a top six finish would have been about right?

Let’s also have some props for Giroud. The man is going to hit 25 goals at this rate and with his confidence as high as it is, who’s to say he won’t wrestle the golden boot from Jesus himself, aka Harry Kane. Another goal to put a glorious cherry on the cake was exactly what we needed and Olivier is looking every part the world class striker we’ve craved for the last couple of seasons. It’s funny how these things just happen to land on your doorstep every once in a while. That seems to be happening a lot to us lately. Just ask Francis Coquelin.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re fed up of my gushing for one day, so I’ll leave you in peace. Up the Arsenal!