If ever you needed an example of how unfortunately, some Arsenal fans are more concerned with off the field matters than on, you only  needed to see some of the ridiculous comments on social media yesterday after it was announced that Klopp would be leaving Dortmund at the end of the season.

Rather than express surprise and then a shrug of the shoulders, the announcement was greeted by some corners of the fanbase (admittedly a small one) as an excuse to say that Arsenal should look to replace Arsène Wenger immediately, with Klopp installed as the main man. Now, I’m no Arsène Wenger lovechild, with fear of what life is like after he has gone – I’ve seen life before Wenger and I know there were good times too – but given where we are at right now, why on earth would ousting Arsène be something worth considering? What would that achieve? He’s built himself a squad in which the general consensus amongst Arsenal fans I speak to, is that it doesn’t really need that much tinkering with. We’re a different team to the one that started the season, with some unexpected gems unearthed and if we started the season again tomorrow, do you not think we’d be within touching distance of winning the league in nine months time? I do.

To those that wish his hasty exit from the club: are you not happy now? Do you not enjoy the run that we are on? If – and I realise that speculating on the future is often folly – we were to win the FA Cup and finish second, would you not be pleased that progress has been made?

I know I would. But then again, I only have one agenda, which is to see Arsenal winning football matches and eventually trophies. If that is with Arsène Wenger then great, if it is with another manager then fine, but I don’t even want to think about ousting a manager when the going is good. We are The Arsenal, not Real Madrid. 

There’s just no point. Where we are right now as a football club there should be genuine optimism for the future. The only real concern we have going in to this summer is whether one of our English squad players is going to sign a new deal. What would those people say if – again I’m hypothesising here – Klopp joined Arsenal in the summer and finished second and won the FA Cup. Successful first season? You betcha. So if Arsène does the same this season, I’m assuming those same fans would want Klopp gone immediately too, right? 


People are stubborn. We all know that. I have my things in life that make me stubborn, but maintaining a course of ‘sack the manager’ when there is a possibility that the club appear to be turning a corner and potentially at the start of something special with the current crop of players, doesn’t sound very prudent to me. But for some people they have had enough. They want new blood. They don’t really like the idea that Arsenal and Arsène could potentially do it again. So they continue to perpetuate a line of thinking that would see life without him. I try not to th no of it like that. I’m starting to realise that the joys in life, as far as football is concerned, are so fleeting that you need to appreciate the here and now and worry less about the ‘what if’ in five years time. So if you’re spending all of your time annoyed that Klopp is probably going to get snaffled up by another big club (I know he won’t be available – in theory – for another year, but Arsène’s contract is three years and I don’t think he or the club will break it), I’d say to you that you should forget your worries and enjoy the here and now. Enjoy the run we’re on, love the positivity going around at the moment, hopefully we’ll celebrate getting in to a cup final by Saturday night. 

When the time is right, we will have that new manager that the ‘Wenger Out’s demand and if there really is a manager out there who is a perfect fit and wants to manage Arsenal, we’ll get them. I hope. But I’m not worried about that just yet. 

Besides, Guardiola will be bored of Bayern winning everything in two years time anyway, so we’ll just get him instead.

(Clearly that was a joke).