Still basking in the post-FA Cup winning glow? Well too right you are. Me too. I think if we won the FA Cup every year for the next year, the feeling would remain as strong each year, because winning trophies is what we want to see from our team and when it happens you need to appreciate the significance of the achievement. And it is an achievement. One that not many fans of teams in all divisions get to experience regularly. If you count the playoff final trophy as one – and we have no reason not to given the fact you do lift a piece of silverware – there are only eleven trophies across all 96 clubs that are available to be won each season. This season four of those avilable – Premier League, Community Shield, League Cup and FA Cup – were won by two teams. That leaves most fans of most clubs not getting to experience the highs of wins like we’ve had this weekend. Most fans are in the minority and it’s why the feeling of joy from a cup win should stay with you for some time yet.

So when I see Jack Wilshere appear from the team bus in the morning, amid rumours of all night boozing with his teammates, I’m not going to expect anything else other than a bleary-eyed twenty something individual take to a bus and celebration stage to sing songs in front of people who have been singing the same songs all year and have cheered him throughout.

So I was a bit surprised that the papers have picked up on his ‘foul-mouthed taunts’ and decided that this was one of the more newsworthy stories of the parade yesterday. Jack’s an Arsenal player, but he’s also an Arsenal fan, who was singing with other Arsenal fans about the Spuds. Some people in the media just need to pick themselves up a sense of humour from eBay or something.

The parade itself was lovely to watch – albeit from afar due to an inability to rouse myself from a beer-induced slumber in time to head over to North London. I think it even caught some of the players and presenters of Arsenal TV by surprise, because it was our second year of doing it and it was hammering it down. But as I mentioned above, this doesn’t happen all the time and for the majority of fans it will never become a reality, so it should be no surprise to see Arsenal fans out en mass for a celebration of a successful season.

And it has been a successful season. What we demand of Arsenal is success through trophies. What Arsenal demand of themselves is that plus Champions League football. We got both. So to me that is ‘job done’ for now. Sure, we want a league title triumph, but let’s appreciate what we have got for now.

As for the only other real bit of ‘news’ that came out of yesterday, it was talk of Theo’s contract and having scored the first goal yesterday and started in the cup final, he was understandably in good enough form to suggest that he wanted to get some sort of deal done but wanted to enjoy the day and the FA Cup final celebrations before sitting down with the club. It’s clear that this will be a long and drawn out process – he said so himself – and the club are aware of how Theo and his representatives like to play the waiting game. Arsène has done his bit to get negotiations along nicely by being able to say “look, I played you centrally in the cup final, so what more do you need to show that you will play more regularly next season and in future?”, but I suspect that it won’t be done and dusted by the time the Community shield comes around in August. If that truly is the case, then the club have some serious thinking to do about moving him on and if they have to do it in the last couple of weeks of August, it does weaken their hand slightly.

But anyway, he’s me prattling on about something that can really wait until the FA Cup win starts to become a mere memory, so I’ll leave the deliberating on the squad for another day.

See thee tomorrow.