I like Ray Parlour. He’s Arsenal through-and-through and always seems to look at life as if the glass is half full, rather than half empty, which is a very nice trait to have. Especially as a footballer and especially as an Arsenal fan.

He’s been quoted on the Sky Sports website talking up our chances of winning the league this season, saying that it’s still possible, but we just need to sort out our home form. It’s hard to disagree that the home form needs to improve, which I think it will, but whether or not that’s enough for the title i’m not so sure. I want to believe, I have hope, but Leicester need an almighty implosion for us to stand a chance. It is Leicester more than the Spuds that we need something to happen. We may be six points off the Tiny Totts, but with a game in hand we only need one slip from them and we’re right on their coat tails. They play Liverpool away after the international break and if Liverpool can muster some kind of performance and we can beat Watford, we’re three points behind with a game in hand. So it’s not unfeasible that we can catch that lot. But Leicester is going to take some doing. We’re going to need them to be slipping up almost every week now and from what I’ve seen they will probably get enough points to get them over the line. Just. It’s just a feeling I have.

Which will then lead us to the summer and decisions about the manager. Well, we might all have decisions, but we know the current board will want to avoid making any decisions at all costs, because they will probably know that as a collective they are pretty useless. The disappearance of Arsene Wenger from the touchline will most likely result in that Arsenal boardroom being populated with old men looking at each other and shrugging, because collectively I doubt that any of them have ever had to make a proper decision in their lives. It was David Dein that brought Arsene Wenger to Arsenal, but after the ousting of him by the Old Etonians at the club as well as the death of Danny Fiszman, has left us pretty short on people that most of us would trust to make the right decision. Which is why stories like Jose Mourinho to Arsenal would be laughable if we believed that the club had any real idea on alternative options.

I shudder to think of that man at the club. Yes he’s a winner, but do you really want to sell your soul to the devil for a doughnut? Not me. Jose fits the mould of the unbridled evil that is Chelski football club, which is why their racist fans love him so much, but it would not be a decision that Arsenal fans could embrace so easily. It would be an  uncomfortable alliance. We would be torn between our love for Arsenal and wanting to see them succeed, whilst having to have that man as our manager. If it were to happen – I doubt it but nothing about the Arsenal board surprises me – I’m sure it would feel like what it felt like for the Spuds fans when George Graham took over. uncomfortable.

Anyway, like I say, I doubt it will happen. Chiefly because we all know Arsene will be at the club for another year at least and I suspect Jose is looking for a job in the summer. Phew. I actually think i’d rather another season of stasis under Wenger than with the Portuguese in charge. I’m sure Koscielny would too, as he’s said that Arsene is still the man to lead Arsenal to the title. I admire his public loyalty for the manager he’s worked under for so long and all of the players seem to feel the same, with Ozil also coming out on Twitter and saying so during the week, but I also find it hard to believe there isn’t any doubts in some of their minds that he can lead them to a title charge. I hope I’m misplaced in that assumption, but given what Koscielny has seen from Arsenal over the last five or so years, surely he must be wondering if it will ever happen? One thing I will take umbridge with in his interview though, which is when he stated that everything wasn’t under their control, citing injuries and poor form. I get the injuries comment, but poor form??? Sure form is exactly under the control of the players? Surely it is form that is exactly what players have within themselves to turn around? The question is purely one of which they have the mental fortitude to overcome poor form as quickly as possible. To me that smacks of some early excuse making, but there’s no point getting on anyone’s back just yet. There are still eight games to go and we could still potentially win the title, so after this period of interlullness, people like you and i can forget about what might be, live in the now and just support the team.

Come on you reds!