Ahh man this international break is dragging, isn’t it? It’s like the last 15 minutes of your final lesson of the day when you were at school, a subject you absolutely detest and just want to get out in to the sweet, sweet fresh air and freedom.

We’re at Monday and still a full six days until more football, but at least after the Germany versus England game we have some fall out Arsenal related, like Mesut Özil saying we need reinforcements in the summer, which is pretty hard to argue against given some of the players that are out of contract and others who just haven’t performed through injury or form. If you want to keep players like Özil, you simply have to surround him with superstars, so let’s hope the club are already sounding out some quality players to come in. 

In that interview Özil also spoke of how the title is not over yet. He’s said that the players will need to keep fighting and whilst I think the hope is starting to flicker out for most of us as Leicester scrape by game-after-game, at least he is keeping his chin up in the hope that some form of minor miracle can happen.

I know interviews like that often mean little in the grand scheme of a players future, but with the probability that we won’t be winning the league higher, it’s little things like the suggestion that he’ll still be at the club next season, that bring some comfort to this gooner. Mesut has easily been our best player this season and hopefully he’ll break the record for assists before the season is out, but there’s always going to be the fear that a Barcelona or a Bayern will come calling and with them pretty much winning titles every season, even I have to admit it would be hard to turn them down. So with Mesut talking up the summer and next season as well, at least it looks more likely that we’ll be able to retain his services, which means we’ll just need to surround him with good people to keep the player happy.

The other news coming from this weekend’s round of games is that Ospina was worryingly helped off the pitch on Friday with an injury. There doesn’t appear to be any news about Cech’s availability, but if the Colombian is ruled out in the immediate future, we all better hope that Petr is fine for Saturday, because otherwise we’re looking at the untried and untested Matt Macey. I’m sure he’s a great player in waiting and the club certainly seem to have high hopes for him (no pun intended there, given the fact he’s about 12ft tall), but we need our big Czech back in between the sticks between now and the end of the season, so let’s hope Arsène has some good news on Thursday/Friday.

Nothing else from me today, so I’ll take my leave, and let you enjoy your Monday. Hopefully it’s a bank holiday one for you too, so you can continue to stuff chocolate down your gulliver.