I don’t really know where to begin today. This is the first time where I’ve had a pre-match blog and can’t really think of anything remotely useful to say. Half of me thought about finding my pre match blog from the season before last, or the one before that, and doing a ‘copy/paste’ job. But I’d probably get penalised for my SEO so thought better of it.

So I find myself standing on a platform in West Drayton this morning, wondering what to make of tonight’s inevitable exit out of the Champions League at the hands of Bayern once more, barely able to rouse a cheer at the idea of Arsenal playing tonight.

Can the impossible happen? No. 

Will the team show some fight and self-respect? Possibly.

If they don’t will there be boo’s? Almost definitely. 

I’m not going this evening. There was an opportunity to meet with former colleagues for a work leaving party and so I took it. You can judge me if you like, I don’t really mind, but as I said a few days ago I am weary when it comes to Arsenal. So perhaps it’s best for a short break. Then I can come back for the Lincoln game ready to cheer the boys on. But right now I feel pretty low and a ‘glorious defeat’ isn’t exactly going to improve my overall mood.

Arsène will probably play a full strength team tonight, minus Özil who is apparently not ready following illness, despite the fact that he was pictured having a gay old time in training yesterday. 

Go figure.

So I suspect we’ll see the same team as Saturday, except I doubt Arsène will try to ‘go direct’ tonight and I think we’ll most likely see Alexis from the start. Normally this is the part in which I give you a run down of our team, a look in to the opposition and a bit of guesswork as to how they’ll set up but really, is there any point? We know Bayern are miles better than us. We know our players are mentally shot. We know that our defence is as leaky as a colander. We know that they’ll most likely score at least one but their game plan will be to be defensively solid and not concede at least for the first 20 minutes. If we get to the half hour mark and the scores are 0-0 or heaven forbid we’re behind, then the home crowd will turn and this could get ugly, quite fast actually. 

Sorry folks. Don’t really know what else to say. I’m just hoping that I don’t have to write another depressing piece about another capitulation tomorrow. That’s worst case scenario. Best case is that we manage to at least win the game and restore a modicum of pride. Who knows, Bayern and Ancelotti might feel generous enough to give a second or third gear performance. 

Anyway, I’m annoying myself with all of this negativity, so I’ll stop now and be back tomorrow with some thoughts on what transpires tonight.

Laters people.