Happy Good Friday to you, which is probably not quite in keeping with the purpose of Good Friday, but there you go. Last night I sank a bottle and a half of Spanish red, as well as going for a long run this morning, so I’m taking Good Friday as it’s intended…penance…or something like that.

Arsène is doing his presser for the weekend soon I’d imagine. Not that I’m overly fussed mind, because Arsenal aren’t exactly my favourite subject rather right now, so I won’t be tuning in to listen to what he says live. I’ll probably listen later but mainly to see if calls all of the players football charletans from last Monday. He should do. There was plenty of anger after the game about him and his contract situation, but to me it felt like there was a bit of a step change in mood of general people, because suddenly there was also a lot of anger towards the players. It’s like suddenly everyone – me included – realised that as much as Arsène Wenger is ‘done’, they are also massively to blame for our current predicamen. Which is ironic because they are the ones knocking the football around the pitch and yet they are the ones who people like me have said things like “if only they were managed properly”. Yes, that’s a big part of it, but Monday nights game really brought home to me that they are a collective of individuals who have been MIA.

But Arsène won’t dig them out in public. He’ll say there was the desire and effort there on Monday (there wasn’t), that the team have the motivation and drive to succeed (they don’t) and that the best thing to do is to respond by winning football matches (at this rate, it looks like they won’t). So I won’t bother watching the press conference because I’ve heard it all before. In fact, the only interesting part of it will be to see who can be creative enough with their variant on asking him a question disguised as a contract question. I liked last week’s ‘open goal’ style approach. I hope they try something new like that today.

Arsène. A man is walking one mile on a road at three miles an hour. Another man, on the same road in the other direction, is travelling on a bike at seven miles an hour. They are 15 miles apart.

How long will it take before both men find out about your new contract? 

Come on British media – be creative!

Aside from that there’s not really a lot else going on. All of the teams play before us this weekend and I’ll be those around us will all win. Which means we’ll be playing catch up and experiencing deja vu yet again. And not a fond memory kind of deja vu either.

Right, I’m off to get changed in to some running gear. Catch y’all tomorrow.