I want to say ‘no real favours done for us again’ on yesterday’s results, but the reality is that we didn’t really have an team around us to be too concerned with right now. City are disappearing off in to the difference, the scummy lot round the corner have already gone, whilst Liverpool and United play today. A win for both would mean yet more distance between us and fourth and whilst I now think the probability of us finishing in the Champions League spots is probably less than 10%, I still want to see other teams dropping points. 

This season for me is now just a floating piece of debris from a wreckage of a boat. We are just drifting aimlessly and the only game which now carries any meaning is next weekend against City. Although the only problem there is that City at least have some form going in to the game. That’s something we certainly can’t pertain to have started to build. It’s a terrifying prospect to think that by next Sunday evening the season could be done and dusted for us. In fact, I think I’ll take a complete 90 degree then from this topic of conversation and talk about something else.

How about the fact that Arsenal appear to be close to announcing the Schalke left back Sead Kolasinac, if some of the reports are led to be believed, which have been filtering through over the last couple of days. I can’t pertain to be any kind of expert when it comes to him, but apparently a few clubs have been after him in England and it’s reported that we’ve signed a pre-contract agreement, so that would maintain the integrity of the ‘war chest’ for all of the other many signings that Arsène will supposedly be making over the summer.

Isn’t it interesting – a year ago if you’d have asked me which positions we need strengthening is have probably told you maybe a centre half and that’s it from our defence, but having seen the defence collapse in 2017, it feels like the whole back four needs surgery. Nacho and Gibbs have been average to poor, Hector’s form has nose dived, whilst Mustafi and Gabriel now look like the most budget form of defenders we’ve ever seen. Rewind a year ago and perhaps the only one you’d have question marks over was the Brazilian, but he was only a fourth choice option so it didn’t seem so bad. 

That’s the only positive I can take right now, which is that football travels so quickly in such a short period of time, so whilst it’s all doom and gloom in the present, in six months time it could all feel so different. A new manager, a shuffle of some players, as well as the fans being given a new hope that there is a new ‘project’ starting could make the Arsenal universe seem so much more interesting than it is right now. 

Of course I know it could get worse, but with it being Easter Sunday and a day of celebration and enjoyment, I thought I’d not countenance such things just yet. 

So on that note I think I’ll finish up for another day. You have a splendided Easter Sunday and enjoy another day of no football like I have been doing – it’s been refreshing.