This last few days has been some of the longest times I’ve not blogged since I started this website up around ten years ago. I don’t tend to do it too much when I’m on holiday, usually because I’m hanging and not waking up until after 10, but this time around there is no such excuse.

Last Wednesday was a hammer blow to us all and in the aftermath I wrote about how we need to change and change quite drastically at the club. As I was penning my rage blogging though, Raul and Vinny were sending staff emails to tell people at the club to keep ‘perspective’.

Nothing to see here folks. That’s just the timber from the house on fire, slowly embedding ya all in flames, I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m not expecting them as the guys running the club to be sending messages for everyone to panic, so all I have to hope is that despite their message to Arsenal staff last week, they are planning to rip apart the playing staff. Because it clearly isn’t good enough.

I’ve had time to digest and the performance last Wednesday night still disgusts me. 4-1 is such a modern day Arsenal scoreline. We are always told that games between the top clubs are always tight. There should be a caveat to that though: **except in the case of Arsenal, who are a walking car crash at times**.

I’m just so tired of it all. The talking up as a club of the way we are run. The talking from the players. Their actions say something completely different from their performances and if this was just a case of technical inferiority from the players then I’d probably begrudgingly concede. But you can’t tell me Chelski are that much better than us. So ultimately it comes down to mentality and this squad of players are a joke in that regard.

I’m so bored of Arsenal right now and that’s the real reason I haven’t bothered blogging. I just couldn’t think of what to say.

The owner is a disgrace.

The management of the club are still new but I fear that we won’t get much more than what we got with the bald-headed idiot that soundbited his way through ten years at Arsenal.

The head coach spent a whole season tinkering and ultimately it feels like we’re in the same position we were in last season. Just look at the numbers in that regard. We concede more big chances, we concede the same number of goals, we don’t create as many chances, we still have an appalling away record.

The players are overpaid and under delivering. The ones that aren’t are either injured or are more than likely due to have clubs like Barca sniffing this summer (Auba and Laca).

The foot all we play isn’t dynamic. It doesn’t look like it has a structural identity. It just looks like a mish-mash or set ups that never really fully work. Sometimes we get it right but too many times this last season it’s felt wrong.

There’s just very little to like about Arsenal at the moment and as long as we are going in the direction as we are going it just feels like we’re a team that will sleepwalk our way into mid table mediocrity. The archetypal Stan Kroenke ‘sports franchise’.

He can f*ck right off, I tell you that much, because his ownership and the malaise that it has brought is the reason we’re currently stumbling into becoming an Everton, or Leicester, or West Ham. The club was left to be run down by the owner in his consistent acceptance of it being a vanity project for our legacy manager, whilst the only other senior figurehead at the club just spouted nonsense about being ‘as big a Bayern’ without actually delivering anything remotely like a proper direction and plan at the club. Gazidis’ need for personal safeguarding of his reputation came when he needed to show that he could keep ‘big players’, which is why he sanctioned a deal with Özil at numbers which dwarf anything else in the whole league. How can a club like Arsenal do something like that?

Obviously it can’t and that’s why this summer is looking like it could be a mess.

Which is another reason why I’m just so weary about Arsenal at the moment. The end of the season usually brings reflection for a few weeks, followed by renewed hope that the club will make the necessary adjustments to drive it in the right direction, but as it stands now reflection is the last thing I want to do and ‘renewed hope’ feels like a unicorn, standing on a desert island, surrounded by sharks and killer whales, that all breathe fire; it’s that unattainable.

Sorry guys. This isn’t a fun blog today but I just don’t feel like Arsenal is a fun place and talking about it isn’t giving me any more happiness either.

This summer may – or may not – mean a bit less blogging from me I think. Right now I just don’t really feel like it. Hopefully I get the big back in a few weeks but as it stands I really can’t be bothered when the club is being run by an idiot owner like we have in Kroenke.

Might still be back tomorrow though. Glutton for punishment I guess!