So yesterday’s bit of fluff that everyone was getting a little hard over was the possibility of Kieran Tierney possibly joining us from Celtic. As usual there is little other than journalistic licence on certain ‘angles’ for us to go on; he’s been watched by Arsenal for ages and since Wenger was in charge, Emery sees him as the man to kick start the club, he’ll come in and wash away the ‘malaise’ is how another one of the rags put it.

Quite something for a 22-year-old left back to be hailed as the second coming of Bergkamp, but I guess that’s the ‘silly season’ we live in.

I’ve watched him twice, both times in the Old Firm Derby and he seemed decent enough. He’s a good left back who has quickly become a mainstay at the Celtic team and with Nacho Monreal’s decline starting to show last season, as well as the general admission that Kolasinac doesn’t seemed to have worked as well as a left back as he does a left wing back, it’s a move that would make sense. If it happened I’d be inclined to see if we could get some cashola for Monreal before we look at offload Sead, despite Barca sniffing around (and let’s not forget they need to offload to get a bit more money in the coffers so would go heavy on the Arsenalesque low-balling), because I think a Kolasinac and Tierney one-two makes us stronger on the left.

We do need to look at centre halves and wide forwards though. These are the glaringly obvious positions to me but then again when you look at Arsenal in modern times, we rarely seem to do the glaringly obvious, like the time we all knew we needed a striker to see if we could ‘kick on’ in the league and we ended up getting Monreal in at left back ahead of David Villa who was available.

So Tierney – a player in which we have two first team options for, so therefore a part of the pitch that we could strengthen, but probably don’t need to as much as other positions – sounds like a very Arsenal move to do.

As always though, we have at least another week or two – until we hit July – before we’ll be doing any business, because that’s when we’ve always tended to do business when it was early. I wrote that a week or so ago that last season deals were done in July. Lacazette and Kolasinac were July signings the season before that. You have to go back to the signing of Xhaka in 2016 to see a player joining before July (he signed May 25th, in case you’re wondering) and then before that it was that disaster of a summer that saw only Cech come in.

So my gut tells me the next week and a half is going to be quiet and slow with loads more “club agrees to have brief chat with Player x before deciding if they maybe want to think about making him an offer” type stuff. Hey, we’re all used to it though so it’s all good, right?

At least we all have each other, as well as a general groundswell of distaste for our owner. An owner who is presiding over a general decline of the club; a self-imposed era of ‘Second Austerity” after we came out of the Emirates Stadium move, but this time because we have an owner who doesn’t want to speculate to accumulate. No, instead he wants to be part of an elite club attempt to snaffle more global TV rights by making the biggest European clubs a closed shop, a place where the floodgates can open and cash – not fans – can pour in.

Here is a good article which outlines why somebody like Stan Kroenke will hold on to Arsenal and drive them into mediocrity in chase of the almighty dollar – here.

Now I don’t know about you, but the idea of being in that competition with basically no chance of winning it because the owner wants to do the bare minimum to keep his team in it, certainly does not fill me with any kind of long term excitement for the future of the game. It’s this sort of stuff that will put the vast majority of football fans off football and see a decline in domestic games, all to create a few super clubs that tourists with lots and lots of cash can afford to spend £200 a ticket to go to once a season when they’re on holiday.

Stan Kroenke is a parasite and will be the ruining of Arsenal football club. The time is coming where we are all going to have to make some sort of stand.

Are you ready for it to preserve The Arsenal, and football, that we all love and are obsessed by.