You know it’s ‘crazy’ season when people start to go batsh*t mental because Aubameyang ‘likes’ a post calling Emery a name of some sort, then people take to messaging him not to leave, or start going crazy over a rumour that Man United are in for him. People need to chill the eff out, if you ask me.

The chances are that he did it accidentally, or he was just scrolling through his feed ‘liking’ a lot of stuff if it’s from Arsenal fans. Much like how we shouldn’t read too much in a player who starts following Arsenal players on their social media feeds, fans should also resist the temptation to go mental over the liking of any types of posts. Footballers just aren’t that subtle but also, they know well enough to just ignore all of the drivel that comes with some of the more mentally unstable people on social media.

Man United may well be interested in Aubameyang. They had a player in Lukaku who hasn’t really delivered that they paid a fortune for and so perhaps are looking for a replacement. And in Arsenal perhaps they think they should test the resolve. But whatever happens, the ball is in Arsenal’s court, because Auba is on a decent contract and hasn’t kicked up any stink. He’s 30 years old and has just won the golden boot so unless there is silly money on the table then Arsenal should laugh off the rumours. £70 million should certainly be a figure that is laughed at. We paid close to £60 million for him, he’s shown he can do it in the premier League, so as far as I’m concerned unless United want to get closer to £100million – which is silly for a 30-year-old – then there’s no real point in having a conversation. So, in summary, I think this is a load of old tosh and if anything is probably just a bit of mischief making by the agent to try to secure a bigger deal for one of our best players.

The other rumour I have seen is with a chap called Presnel Kimpembe and by the very nature of the fact I’ve just described him as a ‘chap’, you can read between the lines as to just how deep my knowledge goes on the PSG defender. This all seems to be stemming from the fact that PSG are a little excitable over the latest ‘flavour of the month’ from the Champions league in De Ligt and given that PSG are a club that love things shiny and new, if they then need to cash in on some assets then maybe we could profit. He’ll no doubt cost a pretty penny though; 36 games last season suggests he’s hardly Championship Manager style ‘surplus to requirements’ and so they’ll probably laugh us out of Paris if we go cap in hand telling them we need £45million for all of our transfers all summer. Who knows, maybe we could convince them that Jenkinson is good with the ‘bantz’ and that they can knock £30million off the price if he went the other way in exchange.

We’ve been linked with a few PSG signings over the last year because of the Emery connection but I don’t see us driving too deep down that particular road. They will want big cash for most players and that is something that we just don’t have the moolah to part with thanks to the parasite that is Stan Kroenke. We still probably have another couple of weeks before Arsenal start to show their hands in the transfer market but as it stands it’s all a bit quiet.

And that’s ok. The cricket World Cup is on, the Women’s World Cup will pass some time this weekend, whilst the Copa America and the African Cup of Nations is also on at the moment, so there’s plenty to distract us as we see Iwobi turn into his nations Messi, before rocking back up at Arsenal in a few weeks with stepovers that don’t actually go anywhere.

Oh and look, Petr Cech has re-joined Chelski, having said publicly a few weeks ago “nothing has been decided”, when clearly plenty has been decided. We can go back to not liking him very much but still admiring him, although this time he’ll be improving players as some kind of technical performance director. Happy days.

A somewhat tongue in cheek blog today, but hey, the suns shining so why not.

Have a good’un, folks.