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5 10, 2021

Freestyle footballers might be absent, but knowing the opposition intimately shouldn’t be

By |2021-10-05T07:48:33+01:00October 5th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Formation, Mikel Arteta, Tactics|0 Comments

Morning folks. Hope you and yours are well on this Tuesday morn. My evening was spent without Facebook and WhatsApp and aside from planning a couple of vineyard tours next week in Spain as I go to celebrate my mates wedding and then stay out in Catalonia for a few days extra, I didn't miss [...]

2 10, 2021

Two sides, multiple formation options, difficult to predict: Brighton v Arsenal

By |2021-10-01T22:18:13+01:00October 2nd, 2021|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, Formation, Match Preview, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

Morning folks and welcome to matchday! It's the most wonderful time of the week.....maybe... ;-) It's a trip to Brighton for Arteta and the lads and I must tell you, I'm quite nervous about this game, which I take a good thing because it means that some of the apathy i've felt in recent years [...]

1 10, 2021

Momentum and blossoming partnerships at The Arsenal

By |2021-10-01T07:56:08+01:00October 1st, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Defence, Formation, Mikel Arteta, premier league|0 Comments

Press conference day was yesterday which I am assuming means the team will travel down to the south coast today. Maybe they'll take in the Pier or even get an ice cream or two, although with the weather as it is at the moment, it'll make for the quintessential British day out on the beach. [...]

30 09, 2021

The fine injury lines for a likeable Arsenal team

By |2021-09-30T07:39:29+01:00September 30th, 2021|Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, injuries, Mikel Arteta, premier league, youth|1 Comment

It appears the prognosis on Xhaka's knee ligament injury was worse than we thought and the club confirmed yesterday that he'll be out for three months as a result of the damage that was done in the North London Derby. It's a bitter blow for him and a blow for us. I spoke about it [...]

29 09, 2021

Xhaka’s injury a blow and an opportunity in equal measure

By |2021-09-29T07:41:50+01:00September 29th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Formation, midfield, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

I bet Mikel Arteta thinks he’s got some kind of mini curse, because no sooner has he got a full strength squad to choose from, no sooner has he got his selection he can decide exactly based on the game that is being played, does he have one of his key men taken away from [...]

28 09, 2021

A connection between fans and players is growing at Arsenal

By |2021-09-28T07:59:28+01:00September 28th, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Defence, gooners, Gunners, premier league, youth|2 Comments

I'm still basking in the metaphorical iridescent glow that is the days after a North London Derby victory yesterday. I think it was James from Gunnerblog who put up on social media yesterday that he was soaking up all of the content after the win on Sunday and I couldn't have put it better myself. [...]

27 09, 2021

Arsenal ‘click’ in NLD – and it’s glorious

By |2021-09-27T08:53:50+01:00September 27th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

Sometimes football is just hella fun, isn't it? I am here on this Monday morning thinking about how much I enjoy football. You? It's funny what a difference a day makes. This time yesterday I was tapping away at my laptop, nervously awaiting the impending North London Derby and the potential that we could come-a-cropper [...]

26 09, 2021

We will need at least two in the North London Derby

By |2021-09-26T08:37:04+01:00September 26th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, Formation, gooners, Gunners, Match Preview, midfield, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

It's started already. As I tap away at my Macbook the time has only just ticked over to 8am in the morning and I'm already feeling those North London Derby day butterflies. The visit of the Scum at the carpet later on this afternoon and I'm already a bit of a nervous wreck. I don't [...]

25 09, 2021

Arteta giving nothing away ahead of derby day

By |2021-09-25T08:39:26+01:00September 25th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Mikel Arteta, premier league, press conference|0 Comments

Arteta did his press conference yesterday and as you'd probably expect, he gave nothing away when asked about who will start tomorrow - despite many attempts at probing! He was asked about who starts in goal on Sunday. Nothing. He was asked about who plays up front and if Lacazette's future is an issue. Nothing. [...]

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