28 07, 2016

Two for one with Xhaka

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I like Thursday's. Not as much as Friday's, but Thursday's still have faint whiff of the weekend about them and as far as I'm concerned, that's a-ok with me. Usually you start to get stories coming out of Arsenal on a Thursday too, even in the pre-season summer lull, stuff always feels like it's about [...]

22 07, 2016

Judgement in May/September – The ever cyclical nature of Arsenal

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Hello there friend. I hope you can bear with me today, lest I become ever-so-slightly ranty. I hope not to be too ranty though. Last night I read an article from the always erudite Adrian Clarke, who talked about how some people are getting a little bit knicker-twisty in relation to the activity that has [...]

21 07, 2016

Crazy times, crazy fees, crazy surprises from Wenger? 

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These are strange and dangerous times, people, strange and dangerous times. In the wider world outside football there is much conflict, with countries declaring states of emergency, as well as the bigots using 'Brexit' as a means to peddle their own racist views with what seems like impunity. Plus, Sam Allardyce is about to be [...]

19 07, 2016

Holding joins the investment squad, Giroud knows he’s number one and Xhaka’s the glue

By |July 19th, 2016|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, gooners, Gunners, pre season|2 Comments

Big news coming out yesterday evening from Bolton, with Rob Holding set to sign for over £2million, eh? As usual, my timeline on Twitter was filled with varying degrees of 'meh', but the reality is that Arsenal have always made these kind of signings under Arsène. They're sort of the standard model for Le Boss [...]

9 07, 2016

The awkward Iceland clap; Czech no more for Cech

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Howdy howdy fellow Gooners, hopefully you're enjoying what has been of your Saturday so far. Can I make a bit of a confession? I seem to be one of the few people on the planet who finds the whole Iceland hand slapping chant a little bit awkward and uncomfortable, when done by anyone else other [...]

8 07, 2016

Arsenal players perform, potential ones less so

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Watching Germany last night had a very familiar feel to it, as an Arsenal fan, I must say. Plenty of possession, control of the ball in the most part, finding it difficult to break down the opposition, then when you do you come across a 'keeper who decides he's going to have a 'worldie'. So [...]

7 07, 2016

Rambo’s absence felt; I’m #TeamMesut tonight

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So the Welsh dragon had its wings clipped and its fire doused yesterday, by the Portuguese who were it not for Ronaldo, would probably be liked by a lot more neutrals. That guy really is a narcissistic tosser, isn't he? I mean just look at that self-gratifying celebration where he turns around to show his [...]

6 07, 2016

New voyeur arrives and Some thoughts on Jack

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It's amazing what little actually goes on, football-wise, in the summer months and. Now that the number of games in the Euros is reduced to four to be played tonight, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday was almost completely wiped out for me through illness, as I slept for most of the day, but it was [...]

4 07, 2016

Giroud’s streaks

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Huh. How about that? When you put a half decent team with a bit of effort, against a small team with limited technical ability, the outcome is a resounding win for the technically better team. I never would have guessed... So as I turn down my sarcasm filter, I think it's important to see just [...]

3 07, 2016

Thankful for my German heritage

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Yesterday I partook in some boating with the family, then I went to a quiz night which felt more like when my mum used to drag me along to her polymath evenings she did back when she was teaching, so I am very thankful that today's technology allowed me to watch Germany versus Italy instead [...]