7 02, 2016

Start quick, don’t let the first half pass you by, Arsenal

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In this – quite frankly mad – season, it seems strange that with us eight points from the top of the league, there still remains hope. But Leicester’s win at the Etihad has done exactly that, strangely, because if it was City, Chelski or United that had just established such an assailable lead, we would […]

6 02, 2016

Small battle won, war on football affordability goes on, but we can get back to talking football for now

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There’s no place better to start today than with the u-turn by Arsenal yesterday evening on the surcharge for ticket prices, announcing that they would not, on this occasion, enforce the charge for the Barcelona game. Funnily enough, I was actually halfway through a podcast talking about the issues of the surcharge and how it felt […]

30 01, 2016

A quintessentially English afternoon of football: The FA Cup and Arsenal

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There’s something comforting about a good, old-fashioned, 3pm FA Cup tie, isn’t there? It’s quintessentially English, I find, with bad weather normally thrown in to the mix too. We’ve certainly ticked all of today’s boxes, as well as a a game against a lower league opposition in Burnley, who will probably be a Premier League […]

22 01, 2016

Here comes the cavalry

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Good ol’ Arsène and his day early pressers. He’s enabled me to talk about the game ahead on Sunday a day early, which is great, because I’ve been dying to sink my teeth in to it. Well, I have been and still am, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be absolutely bricking it come Sunday. 

Anyway, […]

16 01, 2016

Are we in better nick for Stoke away?

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Today is one of those days where I spend my Saturday semi-supporting other teams, with Arsenal playing tomorrow, because I have some sort of weird theory in my head that if at least one team in the top four drop points, then that’s a positive for Arsenal. 

The reality is probably that we need to see […]

15 01, 2016

Elneny the typhoon rolls in to town, but it’s the Ramsey/Coquelin/Cazorla conundrum that puzzles

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I know we all rolled our eyes and manifested our delight of a signing by exhaling a big ‘about time’ when Mohamed Elneny was confirmed yesterday, but having listened to Arsène’s video about the player too on the official site, I do wonder if he was the same as us. He readily accepted beginning the […]

12 01, 2016

Heavy Metal vs Classical tomorrow at Anfield, but this time the symphony should be stronger than previous encounters

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So, where better to start today, than the announcement that we’ll face Burnley away from home in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Personally and for purely selfish reasons, I’d have fancied Burnley away, as I’ve got a mate up there and last season The Management and I had a decent road trip up […]

31 12, 2015

More of the same next year, Arsenal; Özil leads like Fabregas did

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It’s the last day of 2015 and as many people do, it’s a good opportunity to look back on what has happened in people’s lives, as well as what has happened at The Arsenal.

It’s hard to argue that the team haven’t really been consistent over the course of the year. Sure, there have been some […]

30 12, 2015

Arsenal see the new year on top, with a signing to boost the fans

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So, it has been confirmed that we will be top of the league come New Year’s Day, after the two City’s – Leicester and Manchester – failed to score and ended with a 0-0 stalemate. It’s the best possible result that we could have hoped for, in truth, because a Moneychester win would have put […]

24 12, 2015

Arsène on contracts, possession and being taught new tricks

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It’s Christmas Eve and here I am, in the middle of a Waitrose car park in stockbroker belt Surrey, having just picked up a few provisions ahead of a bit of a pilgrimage to see the in-laws just north of Newcastle. Yet all I can think of is The Arsenal.

Yesterday Arsène gave unto us the […]