13 10, 2015

Ox needs one form game, Gibbs needs a run and I need real football

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I think it’s safe to come out now, isn’t it, after all the international friendlies and Euro qualifiers are done right?

I took the horrendous decision to watch the majority of a disjointed and unimportant dead rubber between England and the might that is Lithuania, which is two hours of my life I’ll never get back, […]

12 10, 2015

Gabriel will have an interesting autobiography

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Ok folks, we’re over the worst of it now, you can start preparing for the proper football this weekend, as the international break will soon be a distant memory, thankfully.

Another set of matches yesterday saw the North Irish have a pretty good day of it in the football and the egg chasers had plenty to […]

10 10, 2015

Theo replicating club for country, whilst Johnny-come-lately has the press fawning

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I Actually managed to sit through a whole 90 minutes of an England game last night, made all the more impressive by the fact that it was a dead rubber and only one Arsenal player was starting: Theo.

Thankfully it was worth tuning in, just so that Theo could show Harry Kane what clinical finishing looks […]

9 10, 2015

Fixture rescheduling (un)happiness; the power of Santi

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Can I admit to being a little bit selfish when it comes to the football fixtures? What I mean by that is that because I am a season ticket holder – and very privileged I feel to be in that position – I want all of the home games to be Saturday 3pm kick offs […]

8 10, 2015

Walcott ends Rooney’s England career? Arsenal karma?

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Yesterday evening I wrote a bit of a flippant tweet that a year ago nobody would have expected Theo Walcott to be on the verge of ending Wayne Rooney’s England career, but having heard from the man himself in the afternoon at the England training camp, I do wonder if he’s got that outcome in […]

7 10, 2015

Mesut’s ‘wellbeing’ physio; the increasingly redundant role of a captain

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Not that we ever needed to be given a clear indication of the bromance between Mesut and the Flamster, but we got treated to ‘exhibit A’ on the official site yesterday, with Özil waxing lyrical about his partner in crime. Specifically, about his performance and two goals against the Spuds, which were both beauts you […]

5 10, 2015

A blitzkreig of United, a controlled second half and a majestic Arsenal

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Arsène Wenger has built has various Arsenal teams with key attributes that include technical quality, quick passing and movement and a precision in their play that – when it works – is breathtaking and what football should be all about. For the first 20 minutes of yesterday’s game that is exactly what we were treated […]

3 10, 2015

Does Prickly Arsène have it in him?

By |October 3rd, 2015|analysis, Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, gooners, Gunners, premier league, press conference|2 Comments

Well, if it isn’t the return of ‘Prickly Arsène’ in the press conference, who we hadn’t seen since at least 2013 I’m sure?

We all knew there’d be metaphorical blood spilt when Arsène went in front of the media coyotes, because they would be sniffing for blood and he looks very much like a wounded animal […]

2 10, 2015

Arsène finding the right balance between rant and praise?

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So, Arsène had a training ground rant, did he? Apologies if you e already read this piece of info and I’m not bringing anything new to you, but I only read it this morning (see my blog yesterday for my reasons as to why I might be behind) and having read that, I feel a little […]

30 09, 2015

Arsenal and Arsène’s ineptitude could spell the end for Champions league qualification

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That, last night, was a disgrace. 

Everything was wrong about yesterday. The mangers decision to play Ospina, the lethargy in the team performance, the slow build up, all of it was appalling and I hope the players are having a serious word with themselves today. 

Before a goal was even scored, my colleagues for the evening were […]