18 09, 2015

Initial Chelski thoughts: midfield success wins the game

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Apparently there’s some sort of international tournament starting today. I’ll be darned if I know what it is, because my gaze is locked firmly on what happens at London Colney today and then Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Oddly, there hasn’t been any team news to come out from yesterday like there normally is, so I’m guessing Arsène […]

18 08, 2015

All about connections

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I sporadically tuned in last night to watch Liverpool against Bournemouth in a match that was supposed to be so comically one-sided it wouldn’t seem fair. Instead I saw a hard working Bournemouth team treated to some rough luck as Liverpool scored a goal which, under the rules, should not have stood. Talking about decisions […]

16 08, 2015

No complacency: title challengers don't do that

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Today is a very important game. Today The Arsenal need three points, because only then will we all breathe a sigh of relief and start talking about the possibility that last weekend’s defeat to West Ham was a ‘blip’ and this Arsenal team can challenge for the league.

Quite simply: Premier League winners don’t lose two […]

12 08, 2015

Accommodating the best Arsenal players unbalances the team

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Hello hello you wonderful peers of mine. I hope you’re not too caught up in your own inner torment and moroseness as we hit the halfway point in the week. The bad taste of a weekend defeat may still be lingering like a little morning breath (despite having brushed your teeth to within an inch […]

7 08, 2015

Victoria Concordia Crescit – never been more applicable than now

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The official dot com site must be as excited about the return to football as us lot, because despite the fact that Arsène’s presser isn’t until a little later this morning, we have a veritable smorgasbord of stories to pour over before Le Boss even takes centre stage.

Thankfully, they’re all positive, unlike the news on Jack’s […]

1 08, 2015

We'll get victory through harmony – the players believe it

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Stability is a place called Arsenal these days. With the announcement that Theo Walcott and Santi Cazorla have both renewed their contracts with a four and three-year deal respectively, we have seen two of the recently unanswered questions be unequivocably dealt with by the club. In terms of keeping the continuity of the squad together, only the inking of […]

26 07, 2015

Arsenal blitz Lyon, showing the importance of a decent preseason

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Well how about that for a performance from the players yesterday, eh? Six goals, none in reply from Lyon and a table-topping performance at The Emirates Cup 2015.

The trophy’s in the bag, folks, the trophy’s in the bag.

Of course we all know this is a friendly and if we were to face Lyon in the […]

19 07, 2015

dominant Arsenal display and selection based on opposition – love it

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First bit of silverware of the season sorted. Lifting the Barclays Asia Trophy is apparently a good omen for a team as both City and Chelski have clinched the pre-season friendly competition in the past, so whilst we have to take such superstitions with a pinch of salt, as this is a time in the […]

15 06, 2015

Jack to make his own position at Arsenal?

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It’s the first of a two day week for me, before I disappear off into the distant and sunny shores of Portugal for ten days, so you’d hope that Arsenal could grant me a bit of news, right?

Wrong. The only real talking point on the official site is Aaron Ramsey’s goal of the season against […]

5 06, 2015

Arsenal season review: midfield surplus

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hello there you. Are you pleased it’s a Friday and not a Tuesday? I am. It means I get a bit of a lie in tomorrow. Plus my dad promised me a BBQ at his house in the evening on Saturday, so it will be a full day of rest, just got to get through […]