Well, yesterday was a total shambles, eh?

Although there was an outside chance we might be able to qualify for Champions League yesterday, those Arsenal players contrived to blow it, picking up just one point against a Brighton team who literally had nothing to play for, had probably spent the night partying and would have been happy just showing up yesterday.

Why we were served up from that collective of Arsenal players was a masterclass in mediocrity and I’m afraid what we all have to accept now is that there are too many of them that just aren’t very good at football.

Lichsteiner has been a disaster of a signing and did little yesterday to suggest otherwise. Do you remember when footballers used to go to the MLS when their competitiveness had gone and they just wanted a final payday? That’s what we got with him.

Sokratis has been a player who has given some decent performances, but he’s hardly set the world alight and hardly inspires any real hope of an Arsenal team picking up clean sheets.

Mustafi is erratic and has a mistake every game in him.

Monreal and Koscielny are showing their age and should probably be moved on in the summer.

Granit Xhaka showed that he’s an idiot yesterday. His utterly brain dead move to raise his hand inside the box to give away a penalty to make it 1-1 shows just how flawed he is.

Iwobi is a pointless attacking wide forward. His end product is pathetic and his finishing is atrocious. Yesterday he did little when coming on other than a few hopeful balls in to the box that never reached its target.

Mkhitaryan has been one of the most useless and expensive signings in terms of wages that we’ve ever had. Again like Iwobi, I really don’t see the point of having him on the pitch.

Özil seems like the ghost of the quality player we once had. His form is symptomatic of the pathetic attempt at top four this season.

We have too many technically good players who underperform and now it’s time to admit that Unai Emery has to shoulder some blame too. Not all of it, but he should have been able to set up a team for this Champions League chase, instead we’ve picked up one point from our last four matches. Against some pretty average teams. That is awful.

This was supposed to be the easiest of the run ins and we have completely fluffed our lines because these players have the mental strength of a bit of crate paper. Collectively they could t raise themselves against a seriously poor Brighton team. I mean this is a Brighton team that had scored one goal in their last nine matches in the Premier League. They can’t score goals and probably should have had more but for a really good Leno save. And that was after they’d equalised from the penalty spot.

This was an Arsenal performance that was just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong and now Emery has to hope that we can go to Valencia and not sh*t the bed in the second leg on Thursday. I’m not too expectant or hopeful.

This Arsenal team was broken last season but not a lot has happened to readdress the faults this season. We’re a bit better but not that much and unless Unai is given proper backing in the summer to show he can improve the club, what is the point, what is the point of Arsenal? We have no real direction as a club. Not that it feels like that to me.

Yesterday’s performance didn’t have fight about it. It didn’t have urgency and above all it didn’t have cutting edge. We’re a state and what I saw yesterday – like I did at the Amex in December – was a pretty rubbish Brighton team picking up their second point against us this season. We were crap away from home against them and we’re crap at home too.

I said it on the radio show last week and I’ll say it tonight, I have no favourites with these Arsenal players. None of them really excite me and the style of football we play is confusing and boring at times. We have boring and predictable players. Players that are probably paid a heck of a lot more than they should be.

There’s probably half a dozen other players at mid table teams I’d do a swap with right now if you gave me the chance. And that’s a damming indictment of how poor our squad is.

We’ve played some good games this season but I will remember more negatives than positives I’m afraid and I can’t see how we’re going to be a better team next season. Not with so many average players. We’ll have to ship about 10 out and bring 10 to 12 in for me to feel like we might actually be going in the right direction.

What a mess Arsenal are.

Catch you tomorrow.