Blimey. Where do we even start this morning?

What an utter car crash is going on at the club and unfortunately for Mikel, even his driving skills can’t rectify what is a completely broken team.

Almost ‘literally’ given that we’ve probably lost Leno for the season – maybe beyond – now.

Neil Maupay telling the Arsenal players to have some humility is interesting, especially as he played ‘Villian-in-chief’ with a very Armautovich-on-Debuchy looking push that has probably cost Leno a chunk of his short football career. What an utter prick. And then to top it all off, he bags an undeserved last minute winner for a team that, frankly, aren’t that good.

We’ve not beaten Brighton in five matches and that is baffling, because in every one of those matches I’ve watched a bang average team beat us. But they seem to have some kind of lucky charm against us. Yesterday was the same because they managed to come from behind and win having barely had any touches.

But I guess it isn’t so much luck as it is a collective of clowns at the back. In goal both Leno and Martinez are ok, good even, but the back four is a travesty. It’s mistake after mistake and it is genuinely embarrassing. Hector has lost a yard of pace and now looks a shadow of the guy who broke onto the scene. Mustafi has his redemption but again for the second goal he was left wanting. He is what he is – a bad defender. Holding is probably an average one. He didn’t make loads of mistakes but I just don’t see him as this commanding centre half who could be in the side for years to come.

In Tierney I think we have some real potential but Kolasinac was preferred yesterday and whilst I understand the decision for rotation purposes, I’m afraid that he also is another guy on a lot of money with little to evidence he’s worth it.

Saka looked good in the midfield but, wow, our midfield is so bad and I feel like my eyes were finally open to it yesterday. Mesut Özil isn’t the answer – we all know that – but we do need somebody in the middle of the park with vision. Somebody who can spot runs and distribute. With Xhaka our is isn’t him from deep and it most certainly isn’t Guendouzi or Ceballos. I don’t actually know what they’re both ‘good’ at. They don’t drive us forward with the ball at their feet. They’re alright passers but they don’t pick passes into difficult positions centrally. And that’s where our problem lies. This midfield is horrendous. Willock certainly isn’t the answer. He’s anonymous when he plays. I’d love to see the kid come good but I’m just not seeing it at the moment.

I am seeing Pepe though. A great finish, he had a great game, despite being kicked all day by a Brighton team who were quite happy to see Martin Atkinson avoid giving them yellow cards. Their number eight in the middle of the park made eight before he came off – EIGHT. That’s eight times he made fouls and Atkinson never bothered to punish. It’s a joke.

But not as much of a joke as this ramshackle bunch of Arsenal players. We need to just reboot it. The season is done so it’s time to start experimenting with a view to a mass clearance when the season ends. I don’t really care any more. It’s time we moved on from the over paid senior players we have and go back to another Project Youth.

Aubameyang is a fantastic player but if we have to cash in to address the clear flaws that exist in this side then we have to do it. Playing him out wide left is fairly pointless anyway and yesterday he offered little from the flank. Mind you, what he did offer was more than Lacazette who let’s be honest, is looking nothing like a £50million striker. that’s because he’s not. We went to Lyon and just paid over the odds for him and there is no way we’ve got value from his purchase in the time he’s been here. He can’t score away. How can you have a player that cost £50million who can’t do his job 50% of the time? It’s crazy. Time to move him on too. Rip the plaster off and go again. We can’t be any worse than we’ve been this season.

Can we?

Like I said – time for a reboot and time for another period of investing in youth.

I’m ready for it. How about you?

Catch you tomorrow.