13 12, 2019

Unconvincing Arsenal somehow top Europa League group

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So we're all waking up to a monument ours occasion in the UK this morning: Arsenal topping a group in the Europa League. A hard fought comeback yesterday in the second half from Freddie Ljungberg's charges meant that eventually, by virtue of the fact that Vitoria Guimares earned an unlikely victory in Germany, we actually [...]

10 12, 2019

Winning. ACTUAL winning for The Arsenal.

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So THIS is what it feels like? It had been so long that I'd almost forgotten about that winning feeling. I forgotten the fist-pumpingly deliciousness of a performance that bags three points, an away one at that, with some pretty good goals chucked in as well. And they were all from open play too! And [...]

9 12, 2019

West Ham preview: pick wingers, Fred, wingers

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An earlier start than usual for me, coupled with Sunday night drinking, means that it's a groggy Monday morning blog I'll be compiling for you today. The weather is like my mood when it comes to The Arsenal these days too: pretty foul. It's West Ham away tonight and after seeing the team put in [...]

5 12, 2019

Brighton at home – a 100% ‘must win’

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Morning folks. Dropping you this match preview in the early hours of Thursday morning, ahead of what feels like a perpetual 'must win' for The Arsenal these days. Well, I've written it in the early hours, so please excuse the fact that there'll be even more typos than normal. Probably won't actually finish it until [...]

1 12, 2019

Freddie’s Arsenal to be freed against Norwich?

By |2019-12-01T08:42:53+00:00December 1st, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Defence, Formation, Match Preview, premier league|0 Comments

Happy match day folks. And it's a match day in which there exists much more optimism and hope as a result of a new man picking the team than we've had for some time. It's Freddie's Arsenal now and that means anything could happen today. Which is exciting. We could get a total change of [...]

29 11, 2019

More evidence of Arsenal’s failing leadership – Frankfurt defeat at home

By |2019-11-29T07:34:03+00:00November 29th, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Defence, Europa League, Formation, Match Review, Tactics, Unai Emery|1 Comment

Well now kids, how many of you could have predicted that an average, mid-table team from Germany, who have had patchy form, with no "official" supporters in the stadium (although we know they were there), would pick up three points against Unai Emery's shambolic Arsenal team? Just about everybody I reckon. This team is done. [...]

23 11, 2019

Southampton at home: win or bust for Unai Emery?

By |2019-11-23T08:33:41+00:00November 23rd, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Formation, Match Preview, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|0 Comments

I'm not sure if it actually will result in his permanent removal from the managerial position at Arsenal if the team doesn't win today, but by jove, I think it should. We've lost to Sheffield United and Leicester, drawn at home to Wolves and Crystal Palace and today we play a team as out of [...]

10 11, 2019

Another uninspiring Arsenal performance at Leicester – is Emery still here?

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Sometimes I feel like I write about Arsenal out of some kind of habitual nature, because if I'm completely honest with you, I really don't feel that motivated to do it this morning. Yet here I am, Sunday morning, tapping away at my iPhone trying to make sense of what is going on at Arsenal [...]

9 11, 2019

A back three’s a brewing away to Leicester

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It's match day today and the tam will most likely - unless they did last night - be on their way to face an in-form Leicester City side that I don't think many people have us down for victory for the evening. I can totally understand that and to be honest with you I am [...]

8 11, 2019

Torreira to outlast Unai Emery?

By |2019-11-08T10:01:48+00:00November 8th, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Formation, gooners, Gunners, injuries, midfield, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|1 Comment

As if things can't feel like they seem any more farcical right now, we found out yesterday that Lucas Torreira wants talks with the manager because he is not happen with his current situation or his role in the Arsenal team, which to most of us is a 'well, duh' kind of moment really. That's [...]