7 02, 2017

Acceptance of Arsenal and they’re failings

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Ok, I'm out of phase one: anger, and having successfully navigated phase two: depression. Today, in terms of Arsenal, I've hit 'acceptance'. I am accepting of where we are as a club and what we have. It's a much nicer place to be in terms of my blood pressure, that's for sure. With 'acceptance' comes [...]

10 01, 2017

The low-key contracts blog

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Yesterday we found out our fate in the next round of the FA Cup and as the The Totts got their second bye in a row at home to Wymcombe, and Chelski got their usual opportunity to rest players by playing Brentford at home, we have an away trip to Southampton or Norwich. So essentially [...]

31 12, 2016

Welbeck’s timely return, when title aspirations hang on a knife-edge

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If results go the way that I'd expect today, by the time we're all singing Auld Lang Syne at midnight, we could have a distance of 12 points to make up on Chelski to win the league before we play Palace tomorrow at 4pm. Sadly, I'm not full enough of Christmas/New Year hope that Stoke [...]

24 12, 2016

Returning player Christmas cheer; lazy journalism with ‘lazy’ Mesut tag

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It's Christmas Eve, I've already begun The Fattening, and yesterday we had Arsene give an update on the latest team news ahead of West Brom at home on Boxing Day. And after a pretty stinky time of late, it appears there was a bit of Christmas cheer to be had from the press conference, in the [...]

2 09, 2016

Debuchy, Gnabry and other musings post window closing

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In Portugal at the moment, so yesterday was spent travelling to a place of sunnier climes than my normal London base. Wrote this yesterday and am only now getting the chance to post today, but I still think a lot of what I said is relevant, hence re-posting now. Catch y'all tomorrow with another round [...]

31 08, 2016

Arsenal have options now

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The signings of Mustafi and Perez were finally over the line yesterday and, as the sun began to set in the UK, both were pictured on the official site wearing the famous red and white of The Arsenal. It's feels good, doesn't it? It gives a buzz to the fans, but if you believe what [...]

30 08, 2016

Transfer formalities to be done, Chambers/Wilshere loan deals to be negotiated?

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Welcome to Tuesday, which in my head, is actually a Monday because of the bank holiday. Don't worry, it's definitely Tuesday. I checked. Twice. And it seems as though the end of the transfer window will be greeted with confirmation on the two deals that Arsène pretty much confirmed on Saturday, so I'd expect to [...]

28 08, 2016

Team balance and dynamic good for Watford win

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I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to writing this blog today. Having spent a large part of the summer in the transfer doldrums, then seeing our start to the season completely disrupted by injuries and the failure to adequately prepare for the season openers, the tone of my writing hasn't been [...]

26 08, 2016

Oracles speak, groups get grouped and Arsenaldom feels a little brighter

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So, as with all Arsenal transfers, sh*t doesn't really get real until yer man David Ornstein gives out a little titbit of information via the medium of Twitter. I think it's something like stage four of a five stage process, to be honest with you, with the final stage just being the medical, confirm terms between [...]

25 08, 2016

Perez a little underwhelming, but don’t write off, yet

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Happy Thursday to you and yours. Yesterday it was so hot during the day, I made the mistake of emailing The Management and telling her that we were going to BBQ in the evening. It was all going so well until I sat down to eat my food, by which time lightning began to flash [...]