30 11, 2015

Injuries, ‘easy runs’ and defences – the problems keep coming at Arsenal

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On the face of it, if you consider that we are still just two points from the top of the league, life appears to be not that bad for us. But that is if you ignore some of the clear issues that appear to exist at the club right now. A 1-1 draw against Norwich […]

28 11, 2015

Seeking solace by finding out about the Arsenal opposition

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Saturday’s without Arsenal are like pies without mash. You can get by, you can even find some enjoyment, but it never quite has the same impact.

That’s what we’re faced with today boys and girls. No mash. Not even a potato. Still, at least it means I can observe the other games happening today and cheer […]

23 11, 2015

Coquelin’s plight means Arsène must act – quickly

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The team news from Arsène will be revealed at some point today ahead of the Champions League game against Dinamo Zagreb, but there’s only one real piece of news we’re all nervously awaiting: the immediate fate of Francis Coquelin.

Perhaps foolishly, I pushed myself in to believing that it would not be as bad as first […]

22 11, 2015

Title talk is fanciful as injuries take toll against the Baggies

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Where to even begin with the shower of the proverbial that we witnessed from Arsenal yesterday, eh? I mean seriously, I have no idea where to even start. Nothing went right. We played terribly. Then, even with most of the 90 minutes of tripe we had to sit through, we still get handed a lifeline […]

17 11, 2015

Filling the blanks on the Arsenal flanks

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With the friendly game to take place at Wembley tonight most probably being the centre of attention for most of the world and its media, it is perhaps inevitable that from an Arsenal perspective there is some involvement. I suspect we’ll see Giroud and Koscienly take their place in the team at some point, whilst […]

16 11, 2015

Life is precious and must go on – football too

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Decided to take a few days away from blogging over the weekend. With what happened on Friday night, which I found out about on Saturday morning, totally took me away from any thoughts of writing. I had my parents over for the weekend and as we watched the news on Saturday morning, it didn’t even […]

11 11, 2015

Football loans – the rich get richer

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Now, admittedly the following thoughts for today are based on opinion, rather than in depth research. I write this blog whilst on my way to work travelling in on the Metropolitan Line tube and occasionally it goes in and out of signal, so the ability for me to undertake lengthy statistical analysis is somewhat mitigated. […]

3 11, 2015

Players out and talking up chances – on both sides

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With just 24 hours until matchday, perhaps it was inevitable that we’d start getting snippets of information from both sets of players about this week’s Bayern game, with Arturo Vidal treading firmly on the line between praise and arrogance. Having read his comments and seen some of the headlines, you could be forgiven that he […]

28 10, 2015

Some should’ve known better in Sheffield

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It is a mark of the level of performance yesterday, that Arsène saw it appropriate to offer a blunt retort when asked about the young players who started in yesterday’s 3-0 defeat to Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough. They simply were not ready and not at the right level.

That said, I find mys of waking up […]

23 10, 2015

Arsenal injury sacrifice to the karma gods

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Hey kids, thinking of drinking during a week night, when you might have work or school the next day? I wouldn’t recommend it. 

I’ve fallen victim to the tasty rouge flavourings of the Meantime brewery’s beverages and the only outcome this morning is a clear lack of sleep deprivation and a headache. All brought on by […]