5 10, 2015

A blitzkreig of United, a controlled second half and a majestic Arsenal

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Arsène Wenger has built has various Arsenal teams with key attributes that include technical quality, quick passing and movement and a precision in their play that – when it works – is breathtaking and what football should be all about. For the first 20 minutes of yesterday’s game that is exactly what we were treated […]

3 10, 2015

Does Prickly Arsène have it in him?

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Well, if it isn’t the return of ‘Prickly Arsène’ in the press conference, who we hadn’t seen since at least 2013 I’m sure?

We all knew there’d be metaphorical blood spilt when Arsène went in front of the media coyotes, because they would be sniffing for blood and he looks very much like a wounded animal […]

2 10, 2015

Arsène finding the right balance between rant and praise?

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So, Arsène had a training ground rant, did he? Apologies if you e already read this piece of info and I’m not bringing anything new to you, but I only read it this morning (see my blog yesterday for my reasons as to why I might be behind) and having read that, I feel a little […]

21 09, 2015

The psychology and impact of Arsenal’s opening day West Ham defeat

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This weekend just gone I spent in Northumberland with The Management’s family and, travelling back from the North East via car gives you plenty of time to think. Inevitably my thoughts centred around the Arsenal and whilst I listened to United beat Southampton and the subsequent radio phone-ins, I was able to ponder over the […]

3 09, 2015

There were few 'big' moves and the transfer 'Archduke Franz Ferdinand' never happened

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Happy Thursday to you and yours. Hopefully you’re enjoying your time on this Earth and you haven’t spiraled in to a pit of despair after Arsenal didn’t sign fifty bazillion players on Transfer Deadline Day.

Arsene spoke yesterday after the window had ‘slammed shut’ – to coin a hyperbolic phrase – and he referenced the Martial […]

2 09, 2015

Wanted something, but Arsenal aren't a patient bleeding out

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So here we are. Freedom. The night after the madness stopped and the quiet will soon envelope us. For now there is still the echoes of yesterday’s Deadline Day still ringing in our ears and online, with many people taking to Twitter and other social media platforms, as well as texting fellow gooners, outraged at […]

1 09, 2015

A day for media hyperbole, not for the fans

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Well here we are folks, finally after a whole summer of much anger, irritation and frustration from many Arsenal fans, after today we get to put all of the to one side and concentrate on just the football. It’s the dreaded ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ and if I’m completely honest with you, for the last couple […]

15 08, 2015

Dropping points not so bad? Falling for the click-baiters is though

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So Happy Saturday to you. It’s one in which we have to wait a little bit before we get to avenge the defeat last weekend. Sure, we took a bit of a surprise sucker punch from Slaven Bilic’s West Ham, but it was only our first game of of the 2015/16 season (match preview from the guys […]

8 08, 2015

A chirpy Arsene and the excitement/fear of the unknown; The Premier League begins…

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Here we are. After all the summer waiting, anticipating and hoping, we’ve arrived at the start of the Premier League season with the first weekend. It’s a bit of a funny one though, because we’re not playing tomorrow, so it only really half feels like the Premier League starts in earnest today.

The up side is […]

7 08, 2015

Victoria Concordia Crescit – never been more applicable than now

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The official dot com site must be as excited about the return to football as us lot, because despite the fact that Arsène’s presser isn’t until a little later this morning, we have a veritable smorgasbord of stories to pour over before Le Boss even takes centre stage.

Thankfully, they’re all positive, unlike the news on Jack’s […]