14 12, 2015

Arsenal serve up the perfect Sunday lunch

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I'm really liking the weekend's of football action in which we win, other teams at the top of the division drop points and momentum and high morale seem to be with us. I dared not to say it pre-game yesterday, but Aston Villa were the perfect team for us to play after a hard-earned qualification [...]

13 12, 2015

Villa preview: time to build momentum

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Eugh...Christmas two-day benders...fun at the time but when you eventually wake up to smell the coffee, it ain't great, is it? That's where I'm at this morning, but if there's anything that can stir me from a day under the duvet, it's The Arsenal. A 1.30pm kick off away to Aston Villa on a weekend [...]

11 12, 2015

People listening to Mesut’s subtle undertones, Cech’s banging and Walcott’s buzz

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There's so much to go through today, I don't even know where to start! How about the revelation that Cech's super-awesomeness and ability to make save-after-save appears to be entirely down to Rock Band, for which I'm sure the good folks at EA are delighted with, as they now have an angle for marketing in [...]

31 05, 2015

Arsenal's FA Cup: a new dawn

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Has there ever been a more comfortable and one-sided final? Have we ever seen Arsenal do it the easy away in a big game, with such verve and vigour? Does this happen to us? Arsenal are supposed to make our lives difficult, aren't they? Apparently not. Apparently there is an 'easy way' and all we [...]

30 05, 2015

My cup final. Your cup final. Arsenal's cup final. Make history.

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This is it people. Cup final day. It's hard to effectively communicate the significance of today to anybody who isn't a football fan, or even isn't a fan whose team is in the final, but this is season defining. And I mean that with no sense of hyperbole at all. By 10pm tonight we will [...]

29 05, 2015

FA Cup countdown begins – an analysis of Arsenal's key decisions

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It's Friday, the week has nearly met its maker, but more importantly we're less than 24 hours until FA Cup final Matchday. Much like when Arsène said that he still gets the same buzz as last year and every other time we've won a trophy under his tenure, the cup tomorrow feels as exciting and [...]

28 05, 2015

Heartbreak for Welbeck and a hint on Theo vs Giroud?

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So who'da thunk that FIFA were a corrupt collection of cheating no-good-for-nothing's, eh? Then, quelle surprise, who'da thought that Sepp would persist with the FIFA elections to ensure his dictatorship remains for another however many years, by not postponing the election process after this latest set of troubles? Well, everybody, actually. Even Arsene had his [...]

27 05, 2015

Googling for hope, lucky pants and the FA Cup final: a Gooners strife

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We football fans are a curious breed, aren't we?  I find myself today thinking about superstition. I'm not a superstitious person myself. I have no problem walking over three drains, I'll never salute a magpie, nor will stepping underneath a window cleaners ladder straddling a path cause me to deviate. Yet when it comes to [...]

25 05, 2015

Job done in the league and a decent season overall

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Well that's it for the Premier League for another season and what a way to finish the season. A hat trick from an unexpected source, a wonder goal for Jack that hijacks goal of the season by Arsenal fans (don't you just love our club's online presence?) on Match of the Day, as well as [...]

3 05, 2015

Permutations, as St Totteringham's draws ever nearer

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So it appears that it's not just football in which there are some 'boring boring' tactics used, as Floyd Mayweather decided that yesterday he'd rather celebrate the equivalent of a 0-0 to beat Manny Pacquiao by winning on points in what I am reading from people on social media, was more of a snugglefest from the American. I'm [...]