That, last night, was a disgrace. 

Everything was wrong about yesterday. The mangers decision to play Ospina, the lethargy in the team performance, the slow build up, all of it was appalling and I hope the players are having a serious word with themselves today. 

Before a goal was even scored, my colleagues for the evening were recounting how we were yet to put in a good performance – I mean really good performance – at home.

Well, looks like we’ve got some more waiting to do, because that Arsenal team stunk the entire joint out.

Olympiakos are a bang average team. Zagreb are a bang average team. Yet we’re effectively out of the Champions League. We will lose home and away to Bayern and the final two games will be dead rubbers. Defeatist talk? Perhaps I should go and spend some time with the first team, because they clearly don’t believe in themselves, either.

We’re not even in November and I am already able to count the number of poor performances on two hands. It really is outrageous. And the goals we conceded were outrageous too.

Who’s closing down the player on the edge of the box for the first goal? What is Ospina playing at for the second goal? Where frigging heck is Gibbs to cut out the ball across goal for number three? 

It’s an utter disgrace.

And who’s leading this circus of ineptitude? Arsène Wenger. Ringmaster in chief. He has to fall on his sword today, because the decision to give Ospina the start was so tragic it could have been written by Willy S from Stratford himself. We seem a parody of an Arsenal team at times, capable of implosions that simply don’t happen to other top teams. 

We weren’t playing a top team tonight. We were playing a team who “don’t travel well”. There’s a reason for that: they are pretty toilet. But when in Rome, or some sort of metaphor that I can be arsed to elaborate because I’m too bitter at the lack of effort from the players last night, because we looked like we were just waiting for Olympiakos to roll over and have their tummies tickled.

Here’s a f*cking newsflash for you Arsenal: Champions League teams don’t do that, so you need to show them respect. Arsenal showed no such thing against Olympiakos and granted, they had a slice of fortune with some of their goals, but they got what their effort deserved and we got ours.

We’re back to square one again. For the fourth time this season already. It’s pathetic from players who should know better. Our European campaign is in tatters, a crumpled heap upon the floor that needs to be swept aside and binned. That’s how I feel today.

All the good work of some of the squad players was eradicated yesterday. Ospina should be sent to Colney detention facilities and left there for a few weeks after his howler. Gibbs’ lack of concentration for goal number three will hardly have Monreal running for Bilbao anytime soon and the Ox? What is going on? Why isn’t he taking people on? Why isn’t he growing into the star we all thought? Is it a crisis of confidence? Whatever it is, he doesn’t look like he’s anywhere near ready enough to nail down a first team slot. I’ve been talking about Ramsey as a square peg in a round hole for some time now, but the Ox looks like a round peg that’s about five sizes too big for the whole. That’s not a size thing by the way, just another attempt at a metaphorical analysis that he essentially isn’t working as a wide forward.

We’re in trouble folks. Not just in the Champions League, but the season as a whole, because if we’re relying on teams to play open and aggressively against us like Leicester did, each week, we’re going to have a tough season. It won’t happen. Teams will not play us at our own game. They will sit deep and catch us on the counter. They know that Arsenal will give them at least one comical chance every game. It really is shambolic to the ‘nth’ degree. 

Who turned up for yesterday’s game? Alexis? Yep. Gabriel? Probably, yep. Koscienly? Yep, but he’s injured and will be out of the side for a while now, no doubt. The rest of the team played the game of waiting for opponents to press a self destruct button, whilst leaving ours proudly on display.

What has happened to The Ox? There was no taking on of his man yesterday and he looked like he was terrified of being direct, which is the best part of his game, so he was effectively rendered useless. 

Where was Özil? Anonymous for large swathes and never even remotely took the game by the scruff of the neck. 

How about Walcott? Well, had his ‘goal’ not have been entirely of the Olympiakos ‘keepers making, we’d be talking about another ineffective night for our lone front man. 

I don’t even know what else to say. Arsène has had the temerity to suggest that there was ‘bad luck’ that affected tonight’s outcome. I’m sorry Arsène, but all three goals were preventable and so you simply cannot use luck as an excuse. There are no excuses and unfortunately I fear these types of results will continue to happen this season, because this team like previous incarnations, have a fragile mindset at times. We’re the 6ft 7ins boxer with a glass jaw. We’re the modern day Achilles of the football world; 95% of the time we look ok, but we’ll always get results like this.

I’m getting bored of it. I’m bored of repeating the same mistakes year after year and I’m bored of the same excuses.

Please Arsène, for everyone’s sanity, sort it out.