23 08, 2019

Unai can use injuries to solve selection problems

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Happy first y'all. I'm in a grand ol' mood I can tell you that much. The sun is in the sky in the South East, the weekend is within touching distance, it's going to be a warm one in England and a bank holiday to boot. If only there wasn't the pesky notion of having [...]

22 08, 2019

Do Eddie Nketiah and Dani Ceballos share similar fates?

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Being a lazy not-so-little oik, I can't be bothered to search through my recent blog poss, but if I could I'd be pretty sure that I'd find the blog in which I talked up what a good move to Leeds United the Nketiah deal was for him, for us and potentially, for Leeds. He scored [...]

21 08, 2019

Özil and Ceballos can work together

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Apparently Roma are ready to put Shkodran's current limbo out of his misery by offering him a loan deal for a year, if you believe reports in Italy, which often we don't. This is about on cue I'd imagine. It's 21st August and the European transfer deadline day is - broadly speaking as they are [...]

20 08, 2019

‘Free hits’ and good PR – everything’s ok at Arsenal at the moment

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Much like Leicester against Chelski on Sunday, I found myself quietly celebrating Wolves' draw at home to Man United last night, as already those teams that you'd call 'rivals' are dropping points. However, upon reflection, the fact it was Leicester and Wolves did make me worry a little bit, because those are two teams who [...]

19 08, 2019

Is the Arsenal squad getting more balance about it?

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Welcome to another Monday folks. I watched yesterday's game between Chelski and Leicester and although I found myself chuckling in to my lamb shank I'd prepared for evening meal, upon reflection I shouldn't have been chuckling as hearty, because Leicester are no mugs and they'll pick up plenty of points this season. They play decent [...]

18 08, 2019

Ceballos and Willock impress as we get 3 points against a physical Burnley

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Well, that was an interesting lunchtime spent yesterday afternoon, wasn't it? Actually, probably not, because like Arsenal like to do I chipped off most of the fingernails I had with my teeth in the last ten minutes or so. It's not that we were massively troubled and it's not like Burnley were overly quality, but [...]

17 08, 2019

Questions in defence and midfield, loads of options up top for The Arsenal against Burnley

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This feels like the proper start to the season for me today. I picked up a fresh set of home and away kits and will be rocking my beautiful red and white Adidas Arsenal shirt in the ground today for the first game of the season. I'm right back there. Right back to the obsession [...]

16 08, 2019

Emery’s new signing selection dilemma

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Happy Friday all. I have a slightly sore head, what with Thursday being the new Friday and my working running a 'welcome to the company' drinks for all of the new people that have recently joined the business (of which I am one). It's great fun, is midweek drinking, until you wake up the next [...]

15 08, 2019

Iwobi needed a reboot, we need a new captain

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Alex Iwobi opens up and tells Sky Sports that he's always been seen as the youngster and now wants to set his own agenda. Fair play to him I see and having experienced something similar in my working life I can kind of understand why he might want to try something else. I worked for [...]

14 08, 2019

Joining the super agents bus – both in selling & buying

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Morning friends. Football friends. Compatriots who share the same love as me: lovers of The Arsenal. It's midweek and we still might have three days to go until football returns, but the stories keep dropping relating to The Arsenal or, in this case relating to Jeff Reine-Adelaide. He should be netting Arsenal just under €3million [...]