12 03, 2021

‘Routine victory’ not in Arsenal vocab

By |2021-03-12T07:58:12+00:00March 12th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Europa League, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, Mikel Arteta|1 Comment

My my my. We really are something, aren't we, eh? Clock ticking down, time running out, 11 minutes plus stoppage time to turn what would have been a disappointing draw away to Olympiakos in Athens and up steps forward two unlikely goalscorers with two super goals to put us in control of this two-legged tie. [...]

22 10, 2020

Arsenal must force chance creation tonight against Rapid Vienna

By |2020-10-22T08:20:26+01:00October 22nd, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Europa League, Formation, gooners, Gunners, Match Preview, Mikel Arteta, Tactics|0 Comments

Guten morgen folks and welcome to Europa League matchday. Right, plenty to be talking about, so let's get straight to it, starting briefly with Mesut Ozil and his statement I'm starting with this because if I'm honest it has been done to death and I don't really want to dwell too much on it. He [...]

2 09, 2020

Gabriel in and has a support network of Brazilians with him

By |2020-09-02T11:47:38+01:00September 2nd, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, pre season, premier league|0 Comments

So we have ourselves another signing of the summer and, whilst it was the world’s worst kept secret that Gabriel Magalhaes was an Arsenal player, seeing him unveiled by fellow Brazilians David Luiz and Willian was still a fantastic way to bring the young defender in officially. There are plenty of glossy videos that announce [...]

24 08, 2020

The clubs’ belief in Arteta makes the future exciting

By |2020-08-24T08:10:46+01:00August 24th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, Defence, Mikel Arteta, Ownership and the board, pre season, premier league|3 Comments

Another day, another ‘step closer’ in the Gabriel Magalhaes saga, which appears to be reaching its natural conclusion. I mean, when Sky Sports are flashing the ol’ yellow ‘breaking’ banner on their website, you know they’ve been ripped off to it essentially being done. So the hope is we get some news today at some [...]

23 08, 2020

Freddie’s off and is Gabriel finally in?

By |2020-08-23T09:24:19+01:00August 23rd, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, Defence, Freddie Ljungberg, Mikel Arteta, pre season, Transfers|0 Comments

Another day, another exit, and once again sadly it’s not from the playing staff (I say ‘sadly’ because we all know we need to trim that squad rather sharpish) but from the back room. Freddie ‘we love you’ Ljungberg leaves the club to pursue his management career. I think I speak for every Arsenal fan [...]

22 08, 2020

Is Gabriel on the Arteta boat or not?

By |2020-08-22T09:10:28+01:00August 22nd, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, gooners, Gunners, pre season, Transfers|4 Comments

Morning all and welcome to Saturday. It’s the last Saturday before all the football starts up again next weekend and that to me is bloody weird. I’m used to a summer in which you go through the stages of sadness that football isn’t on and end up utterly bereft before eventually it comes back and [...]

20 08, 2020

Gabriel and Auba; it ain’t over until it’s over

By |2020-08-20T08:04:57+01:00August 20th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, Defence, finances, Mikel Arteta|0 Comments

Yo peeps. Nearly there. Slowly trotting towards the weekend and with it, by all accounts, a deal for a young Brazilian appears to be drawing to a close for £22million as Gabriel Magalhaes is on the verge of joining us apparently. I've seen it a few times on Twitter and a couple of people I [...]

19 08, 2020

Flexible formations for Arsenal ahead of ‘set systems’

By |2020-08-19T08:02:52+01:00August 19th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Defence, FA Cup, Formation, Mikel Arteta, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|1 Comment

Morning folks and welcome to another midweek of this weird pre-season we find ourselves in. What's weird about it is that even though the FA Cup is still relatively fresh in the minds of most of us (despite Arsenal's attempts to pour cold water on it through signings, redundancies, sackings at the top, etc), we [...]

18 08, 2020

Arsenal’s defenisve stockpiling means we need other teams to move first

By |2020-08-18T08:13:28+01:00August 18th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, Transfers|0 Comments

It's all feeling a bit quiet this morning. Well, I say quiet, but that is in the context of The Arsenal and what's happened in the last year or so. If it's not quick-fire football matches, or managers being given the boot, or changes in back room exec level, or contracts, or signings, or COVID-19, [...]

5 08, 2020

Willian rumbles to a conclusion, whilst Magalhaes arrival and Guendouzi exit start to bubble…

By |2020-08-05T08:13:13+01:00August 5th, 2020|Arsenal FC|0 Comments

Still drinking it in folks, still drinking it in... The sun is shining a little more brightly, we've had a good four days since the cup win, yet there is still so much delicious content to feast on everywhere. Other bloggers, podcasters, the mainstream media. Heck, I even watched a video of some gobby Spurs [...]

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