5 08, 2023

Arteta’s pre City comments; the most perfect Balogun ‘clause’ for Inter

By |2023-08-05T07:17:47+01:00August 5th, 2023|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, friendly, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, pre season, press conference|0 Comments

I'll be dammed if the cat didn't decide to sit on my chest at 4am this morning and aggressively purr into my face for about 45 minutes. So I'm up at 6.20 to let the little bugger out and I thought I might as well start typing some Arsenal related waffle a little earlier than [...]

7 08, 2021

Transfer gridlock as everyone is playing ‘chicken’

By |2021-08-07T08:52:05+01:00August 7th, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, finances, premier league, Transfers|0 Comments

Well, we're now at T-minus six days and counting and we still: Have no senior back up 'keeper to Leno who isn't a youth team player Got the right back position sorted, with Bellerin's future in the air Are staring down the barrel of a Xhaka/Elneny partnership for that first game of the season. That [...]

31 07, 2021

White done. Lautaro next?

By |2021-07-31T09:21:54+01:00July 31st, 2021|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, pre season, premier league, Tactics, Transfers|2 Comments

There's only one place to start this morning, which is with the official signing of Ben White confirmed by the club. He'll wear the number four shirt and when speaking to the Arsenal fan that interviewed him yesterday, I think he came across really well and he's clearly very happy to be here. It is [...]

28 06, 2021

Arsenal should ignore Inter if they mess around with Hector deal

By |2021-06-28T07:56:30+01:00June 28th, 2021|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, finances, Internationals|0 Comments

The football is starting to get interesting now, eh? Last night we had the Netherlands being knocked out to the Czech Republic, whilst Portugal were exited from the competition at the hands of the Belgians. In the latter of those two games you'd say that it was a compelling game with two decent and well [...]

15 06, 2020

What are Auba’s options?

By |2020-06-15T08:11:01+01:00June 15th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, contracts, Mikel Arteta, premier league|0 Comments

Another Monday in lockdown. But at least this is the last one before we've got football to moan about again. And we've got something else to moan about this morning because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been speaking to French journos about his future and, let's be honest, it doesn't exactly bode well for a bright outcome [...]

28 01, 2019

Why I suspect not everyone is sold on Perisic to Arsenal deal

By |2019-01-29T14:23:46+00:00January 28th, 2019|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Arsenal Transfers, Attack, finances, gooners, Gunners, Unai Emery|0 Comments

We're reaching the home stretch of the transfer window (thankfully) and with only four days left this week to get deals done there will invariably be a bit of trolley dashing from a few clubs at the last minute. I really don't get it if I'm honest. If you know you need a player why [...]

14 04, 2015

Loanees show how fortunes change quickly in football

By |2017-05-19T20:12:20+01:00April 14th, 2015|analysis, Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, Attack, contracts, gooners, Gunners, midfield, Tactics|0 Comments

There's still another three days before Matchday is upon us and, perhaps unsurprisingly, all is quiet. So quiet, that talk about Cazorla wanting to return to Spain has seen a ripple of interest across the tinternet. Santi grew up near Real Oviedo and has said he'd like to go back there one day before he [...]

15 01, 2015

'Classics', kids and contracts

By |2015-01-15T07:39:25+00:00January 15th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, contracts, gooners, Gunners, History, premier league, press conference, Transfers|0 Comments

As we lurch ever closer to this weekend's game against Moneychester City, the build up is already beginning by the media online, talking up 'classics' and how this weekend's game will compare to encounters between the two games. I have to say I don't really remember too many 'classics', if I'm honest, because we were [...]

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