23 05, 2015

Fanciful transfer stuff from presser

By |2015-05-23T07:56:41+01:00May 23rd, 2015|analysis, Arsenal, Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, premier league, press conference, Rant, Transfers|0 Comments

Happy Saturday to you and your kin. My weekend started early due to some annual leave I've been soaking in for the last few days, but at least there's been some football - albeit some pretty semi-shocking football on Wednesday - to keep me busy. I've been through my thoughts on the midweek action and [...]

19 05, 2015

If's and but's on rotation, the league and transfers

By |2017-05-19T20:12:14+01:00May 19th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, Attack, gooners, Gunners, premier league, press conference, soccer|0 Comments

A little holiday away from work awaits yours truly here after today's London grind, so apologies if the timing of the blogs get a little wayward, a bit like a loose Fabregas kick into the centre of a group of players inside a penalty box I suppose. What a bit of madness that was, eh? [...]

4 04, 2015

Make my Easter Arsenal, re-write the media narrative

By |2017-05-19T20:12:21+01:00April 4th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Internationals, Match Preview, midfield, premier league, Tactics|0 Comments

Happy Easter Saturday in which let's all be completely honest with each other, unless we get a win this lunchtime, won't make this festive season a fun one.Liverpool come to town and it's a Liverpool team in which Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana will no doubt have miraculously recovered from the injuries that conveniently left [...]

30 03, 2015

fanciful Walcott hypothesising

By |2017-05-19T20:12:22+01:00March 30th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsenal Transfers, Arsene Wenger, Attack, gooners, Gunners, Transfers|0 Comments

With one more pointless set of internationals to play, we're still knee-deep in the thick of it, footballistically speaking. We had the worry of Welbeck's injury that still looms on the horizon but, with Arsène probably not going to speak to the press until Thursday at the earliest, there's still plenty of time for us to [...]

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