23 04, 2017

Season defining game at Wembley

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I'm sure I'm not alone in breathing a collective sigh of relief at what happened yesterday at Wembley. The fact that everyone has been speculating in the media on a possible Tottenham match towards a double has left a horrible taste in the mouth and a churning of the stomach. So when the final whistle [...]

16 03, 2017

77 for Arsenal. That’s what’s needed.

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Morning. You alright? Recovered from the fact that the only English team left in this competition is Leicester? A Leicester with whom everyone seems to have dismissed their domestic discrepancies and focused on their 'plucky' assault on the Champions League. Honestly. I can't work out whether it's patronising more to the actual Leicester fans or [...]

17 02, 2017

Take Eek over Apathy with new Arsenal manager

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Morning. I've woken up to a feeling that I thought I wouldn't get for at least another couple of days. I'm over the Bayern defeat already.  Perhaps it's because I always knew we weren't good enough. Perhaps it's because I vented my spleen on my blog yesterday. Perhaps I'm just so bored with Arsenal I [...]

30 10, 2016

5 Signs You’re an Arsenal Fan

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Arsenal are well-known globally and they have a fan base that stretches across every continent. Here are five signs you're a Gooners fan. Let us know in the comments how many signs you recognized. When you hear "The Invincibles" you know we're not talking about Preston North End. For those unaware, Arsenal were dubbed "The [...]

14 06, 2016

Feathering the nest at international tournaments

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Having seen the unfancied Italians see off the very much fancied Belgian's last night, my first thoughts (perhaps inevitably) were towards supposed 'big name' players not performing, as well as the hype that surrounds them going in to international tournaments. I find internationals competitions a very strange bubble of football when it comes to players [...]

13 06, 2016

Give Jack minutes, give Kroos a round of applause

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I had an absolute skinful on Saturday night at a friends BBQ, which was followed yesterday by an all-day football tournament, hence why I wrote off writing anything until this morning. Bt what did I learn from the football I've watched since then? Well, firstly, England have taken up the Spurs'ing mantle. What with bottling [...]

25 10, 2015

Özil again inspirational in dispatching of Everton

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Well now, none of us truly believed that a game at home against Everton, did we? I mean this is The Arsenal, we never make it easy for ourselves, so we were always going to have a bit of nail biting that needed to be done.  It was a cagey affair from the off. From [...]

18 10, 2015

Majestic Mesut, awesome Aaron and super Sanchez down Watford

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Well didn't that all go according to plan, eh?  As I suspected yesterday, Watford approached the game with the caution and solidity that you'd expect from a newly promoted side with a reputation building for compact defending and long balls to bring out of defence, so perhaps it was inevitable that the first half was [...]

14 10, 2015

Rambo to find scoring form with scrappy back posters at Arsenal?

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Seems I jumped the proverbial gun yesterday with regards to the end of the international break, but thankfully now we all know that  the dreaded 'interlull' is behind us after last nights matches, we can start to worry fully about who will play against Watford and what form they will come into the game on. [...]

11 09, 2015

Arsène ‘The Deceiver’? Do me a favour

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Ahh Friday. Full of promise of a weekend of enjoyment, full of Arsenal and everything a home 3pm Saturday afternoon kick off and full of fallout from an Arsène Wenger press conference. For it is he, the man with which so much irritation appears to be directed, who has caused much consternation amongst some Arsenal [...]