21 06, 2020

Time for an Arsenal reboot – post match Brighton thoughts

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Blimey. Where do we even start this morning? What an utter car crash is going on at the club and unfortunately for Mikel, even his driving skills can’t rectify what is a completely broken team. Almost ‘literally’ given that we’ve probably lost Leno for the season - maybe beyond - now. Neil Maupay telling the [...]

20 06, 2020

Arsenal’s beleaguered team must beat the Brighton press

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Yo peeps, y'all super psyched for another match day? Like London buses, eh? You wait ages for one and then a second rocks up. And with possibly the only up side of this particular period of our football supporting lives, those of us who are in the UK will actually get to WATCH a 3pm [...]

19 06, 2020

Mikel’s Ozil stance is bang on, as is the clubs’ Luiz stand

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Morning folks and welcome to the end of another week. It's all gone a bit Pete Tong for me this week because, having had to suffer through the debacle up at City - inspired by our clumsy Brazilian centre half - last night I spilt boiling hot vegetable oil on my fingers, so this morning [...]

18 06, 2020

Luiz loses the plot but Arteta has more problems than that

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If you were to tell somebody to write a script that embodied the current Arsenal team, then play out that script in the form of a football match, it would resemble something very similar to what we witnessed last night with the 3-0 defeat at the Etihad. It had all of the component parts: Injuries [...]

16 06, 2020

Arteta’s presser shows us a statesman

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Hold the phone, we have ourselves a press conference, which means football has never felt closer! And I'm giddy like a little schoolchild. So perhaps I should take some time to hold my hands up and admit that I didn't think I'd feel this excited when the lockdown and postponement was of the Premier League [...]

15 06, 2020

What are Auba’s options?

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Another Monday in lockdown. But at least this is the last one before we've got football to moan about again. And we've got something else to moan about this morning because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been speaking to French journos about his future and, let's be honest, it doesn't exactly bode well for a bright outcome [...]

14 06, 2020

Clichy’s exit and Arsenal’s incomings (or lack of)

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Morning folks, hope you’re well, and that you’ve got a myriad of super exciting things you’re going to do with your Saturday. I will probably make some pizza dough and go for a walk but that’s probably about it for me. I tapped into my five litre keg on Friday and by 8pm yesterday it [...]

10 06, 2020

Talking horrible Arsenal kits and ‘what might have been’ with Vermaelen and Eduardo

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Morning folks, happy 'middle of the week' day. I don't like it when people call if 'hump' day - makes me think there's some sort of orgy on a school night. Most unacceptable. What's also probably unacceptable is those leaked Arsenal kits. The home one I can just about tolerate, but the away and third [...]

9 06, 2020

High hopes for Nicolas Pepe

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Sigh...it's all still just transfer speculation at the moment. I feel like the closer we get to the start of the Premier League restart, the further it appears and whereas this time last week I was like "huh, nearly two week's and then there's some football on", now I'm a bit like "gimmie! gimmie! GIMMIE!" [...]