29 11, 2019

More evidence of Arsenal’s failing leadership – Frankfurt defeat at home

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Well now kids, how many of you could have predicted that an average, mid-table team from Germany, who have had patchy form, with no "official" supporters in the stadium (although we know they were there), would pick up three points against Unai Emery's shambolic Arsenal team? Just about everybody I reckon. This team is done. [...]

28 11, 2019

An empty Arsenal stadium to see some fun against Frankfurt tonight?

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Have you ever felt so 'Meh' about a game in your life? Probably. There's games towards the end of the season when there's nothing left to play for that feel very pointless and although this match tonight has something riding on it - Europa League qualification to the k computer phase - it's hard to [...]

27 11, 2019

The new manager timeline is underway – but will it be Nuno?

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There's plenty of chatter going on about Nuno Espírito Santo at the moment. He's the bookies favourite at the moment, in front of Arteta, Allegri and Benitez, the latter two being free agents shortly (Chinese Super League finishes soon) and therefore right up KSE's street if/when they decide time is up for Emery. And it [...]

26 11, 2019

Nuno to Arsenal talk from nowhere

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The chatter about the new manager appears to be hitting up and, as you'd expect, rumours surfacing about Nuno Esperito Santo from Wolves have resulted in his odds being slashed and some bookies no longer taking bets. It feels like we're at the beginning of the end here for Unai Emery and the only question [...]

25 11, 2019

Unite to amplify the Arsenal fan ‘noise’ – WeCareDoYou

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Morning folks. Last night there was a a statement released by the 'We Care Do You' collective of fans and groups and it highlighted some of the frustrations that I'm sure many of you feel. As part of that group of fans I feel it to and so before I talk about anything else today [...]

24 11, 2019

End Emery’s tenure. Now.

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Morning folks. It's tough to know where to even start today. I've been banging the 'Emery Out' drum for some time now - since Sheffield United away - but it's all feeling a little hollow. On Monday I said on the GunnersTown radio show that 12 points out of four games was a minimum. Southampton [...]

23 11, 2019

Southampton at home: win or bust for Unai Emery?

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I'm not sure if it actually will result in his permanent removal from the managerial position at Arsenal if the team doesn't win today, but by jove, I think it should. We've lost to Sheffield United and Leicester, drawn at home to Wolves and Crystal Palace and today we play a team as out of [...]

22 11, 2019

Emery’s presser suggests he knows he has to deliver swagger back to Arsenal

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Happy Friday folks. And see you in hell international break, which I don' think we have for about four months now, so thank heavens for that. Of course come 5pm on Saturday evening I could wish we were still on the international break, but whilst the future of the game at home to Southampton is [...]

21 11, 2019

Does any Arsenal player want to play for Unai Emery’s Arsenal any more?

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Perhaps inevitably, with Torreira out in Uruguay for his national team, we have him talking to the national Uruguayan press and in the early hours of this morning we got some translated snippets of him echoing the words of his agent. Quite often you find the agent playing the 'bad guy' so the player doesn't [...]

20 11, 2019

Pochettino’s exit interesting to Arsenal in more ways than one…

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Welly, welly, welly. Looks like that 'orrible lot blinked first out of the underperforming teams this season and with rather a lot of swiftness, have turned around a Pochettino exit and a Mourinho arrival in the space of less than 12 hours. Normally I don't bother taking about them much but there's a few things [...]