26 09, 2021

We will need at least two in the North London Derby

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It's started already. As I tap away at my Macbook the time has only just ticked over to 8am in the morning and I'm already feeling those North London Derby day butterflies. The visit of the Scum at the carpet later on this afternoon and I'm already a bit of a nervous wreck. I don't [...]

14 10, 2020

Partey needs to create his own Arsenal history; can Nketiah surpass Kane?

By |2020-10-14T08:16:00+01:00October 14th, 2020|Arsenal FC, Attack, Europa League, History, Mikel Arteta, premier league, youth|0 Comments

With Ghana wrapping up their irrelevant friendlies yesterday we finally got to see an interview with Thomas Partey in Arsenal club colours. It was the usual glossy affair with pictures of the man himself, then a training ground three-minute video in which he said what a great club Arsenal were and how he watched the [...]

11 07, 2020

Arteta won’t rise to the bait ahead of the NLD

By |2020-07-11T08:16:34+01:00July 11th, 2020|Arsenal, gooners, Gunners, Mikel Arteta, premier league, press conference|1 Comment

Press conferences always give a little bit of a nugget of info about the upcoming game, but the press don't usually use it to gain some kind of insight into how the clubs might tactically set up, instead using it as an opportunity to stoke the fires of possible discontent and rivalry between managers. So [...]

3 03, 2019

Arsenal have momentum despite frustrating draw at Spurs

By |2019-03-03T09:34:18+00:00March 3rd, 2019|Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|0 Comments

Yesterday morning I was pessimistic about our chances of taking any points at all so, given that I was expecting us to take a pounding against the tiny Totts at Wembley, the fact that come 3pm I was disappointed that we hadn't picked up all three points I think needs to be seen as a [...]

2 03, 2019

Arsenal need to minimise the space on the flanks against Tottenham today

By |2019-03-02T09:36:13+00:00March 2nd, 2019|Arsenal FC, Attack, Defence, Formation, gooners, Gunners, History, Match Preview, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|0 Comments

Here we are then. Derby day. The away leg of it and the one Premier League game of the season I hate the most. It doesn't help that we've only won one in 16 and with those numbers it feels like today is going to be an uphill struggle against the Tiny Totts. I get [...]

2 12, 2018

Derby Day – Emery needs a Big Six ‘W’

By |2018-12-02T11:25:01+00:00December 2nd, 2018|Arsenal FC, Arsenal Manager, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Preview, premier league, Tactics, Unai Emery|2 Comments

Like I said yesterday in the blog, I hate these North London Derby Days, because they just bring out the worst nerves possible before a game. As Lee Dixon once famously recounted about when he played his first one having signed from Stoke and Toby Adams had him up against a wall, "we just can't [...]

14 11, 2017

Giroud – best of the Arsenal rest?

By |2017-11-14T07:22:27+00:00November 14th, 2017|Arsenal FC, Defence, friendly, gooners, Gunners, History, internationals, Rant|0 Comments

Morning folks. Welcome to Tuesday and welcome to a day in which that most emotional of people - the Italians - will be even more emotional given the fact that they’re players failed to reach the World Cup finals for the first time in a gazillion years.  I mention this only because I work with [...]

14 11, 2016

Melodrama regarding our striker problems

By |2016-11-14T07:50:11+00:00November 14th, 2016|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, gooners, Gunners, injuries, internationals|0 Comments

So some football stuff happened this weekend, but nothing that would interest you remotely, so I might as well talk about how I love cheese. Right? That good for you?  Probably not. The successful delivery of my cauliflower cheese in my Sunday lunchtime roast is hardly the most riveting story in the world. Pretty much [...]

9 11, 2015

Frustration and relief – the North London Derby

By |2017-05-19T20:11:45+01:00November 9th, 2015|Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, Attack, Defence, gooners, Gunners, injuries, Match Review, midfield, premier league|1 Comment

What on earth do you make of that game yesterday? I don't even know where to start if I'm honest. I don't k is whether to express relief that the team managed to salvage a draw, or frustration that we looked so leggy and at times disinterested, or at least a little clueless and out [...]

8 02, 2015

Spuds: we were the dope on a rope

By |2017-05-19T21:35:27+01:00February 8th, 2015|Arsenal, Arsenal FC, Arsene Wenger, Defence, gooners, Gunners, Match Review, midfield, premier league, Rant, Tactics|0 Comments

I don't really feel like writing today's blog. I'm almost doing it this Sunday morning, purely out of habit rather than desire, because I feel like just forgetting yesterday's match even happened. The second that Harry Kane second goal went in, I got up from the heavily weighted Spud pub that I was in, walked [...]

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